Is there anything worse than EU PSN?


First off, there’s no one to play. I remember back in late AE when you could search for 10 minutes without finding anyone and I have good internet. Now in Ultra there’s people to play but they’re all yellow/orange bars with the occasional green bar (and you bet your sweet ass that it’s unstable). I am 100% sure that EVERYONE is playing on a wireless connection. Now if we disregard the quality of the connection you get the players, who are all very lackluster. I sound like an elitist but not counting those who actually put effort into getting gud PSN is flocked with bad players, some new but a lot of them have been playing this since at least 2010.

So my question for you guys is

A. How is the EU SF community on xbox? Are they good/bad?
B. What’s the connection like?


Connection-wise. Brazil on PSN.


A. Players are a lot better than on PSN. There are good PSN players, but on XBox Live basically everyone does BnBs and FADCs while only about 1 out of 3 players on PSN does that.
B. EU XBox Live is good. You can actually react to stuff and anti-air. You can play footsies incl. whiff punish. PSN doesn’t feel that way. PSN = Read Fighter, XBL = Street Fighter (well, maybe not in the US, but here in EU)

Until the PC version is fixed there is no alternative to XBox.


Slavery is worse. Genocide is definitely worse. Um… I think that’s it, though.

So, yeah, pretty bad.


European Xbox players also used to frequent the PC version of SF4 AE so the niveau was high there too

But with the current state of the PC version of USF4, we’ll have to wait a while before that happens


Really appreciate the answers even if it just means that I invested in the wrong system. I’ll be looking for sticks for the 360 in a short while now, cya guys on xbox.


How PSN makes me feel: