Is there anyway I can chat using a custom arcade stick with no headset jack?


Hello everyone. This is my very first post and I’d like to ask a question.
I recently purchased a used arcade-in-a-box fighting stick but it has no headset
jack. Is there ANY way I can chat while playing Xbox LIVE? Would a wireless headset work with this custom stick? Chatting was half the fun and although I LOVE my arcade stick, I would really like to have my chat back!



I think so doesnt the wireless mic sync with the xbox and not the controller?


Nevermind I think it syncs to the controller.


no, i’m pretty sure i’ve heard people announce that wireless headsets are an option for people with custom sticks.

at least that’s what i’ve been planning on getting for my 360 for when i’m playing ST:HD, SCIV, and SFIV when I get a custom stick.


Wireless headsets sync with the console and work perfectly with custom sticks. When I made my stick I never bothered with the headset port as I had a wireless headset.

Granted I don’t use the headset much, but when I do, it works the way it should. :wgrin:


I have a custom FINKLE arcade stick which I recently modded to have an xbox360 PCB board in it rather than the original PSX board. We used the PCB board out of a 9.99$ gamestop arcade stick (the ghetto white joystick madcatz one). My co-worker ripped the entire little board that had the microphone plug-in since we weren?t planning on using a wired microphone. Unfortunately when I try to use my wireless Microphone it does not allow me to. In-game it shows me as having the little microphone icon so it looks like the game detects a wired mic plugged in if you rip off that entire board. Is there a short somewhere possibly? Do I need to solder 2 points or something to make it think there is nothing plugged in? Is there a breakout or is there logic within that little board? Thanks in advance.

Here is the board, you can see the bottom board that was connected by a ribbon cable, he took off the entire ribbon cable.