Is there anyway i can connect my ps3/xbox 360 pad to my laptop?

if so could someone explain how ? i was not sure what part of the forum this belonged in so sorry if its on the wrong place! also thanks in advance! if it is in the wrong part of the forums remove it and i will repost somewhere else ! :slight_smile:

Depends on your controller and laptop. If you have a Windows Vista or later OS, the 360 drivers come right on it, so pretty much any 360 controller will play on Windows. For XP or earlier, the 360 drivers are somewhere out there on the net straight from Microsoft. Most PS3 pads work with PCs natively, though I’ve had a lot of pain trying to connect a Sony PS3 controller over Bluetooth or USB with Windows (But not OSX, I just installed the drivers and connected wirelessly).

will it work if i use a wireless xbox controler no ? :frowning:

Wireless 360 controllers need an Xbox wireless receiver to play on PC.

oh ok thx :slight_smile: but if i get a plug and play kit for xbox 360 can i just plug the usb part into my computer ? :slight_smile:

No. The Plug and Play kit only charges the batteries, the signal is still being transmitted wirelessly.

oh ok thanks i dunno what to do now ha thanks anyways !

You can get an adapter for $20