Is there anyway I can successfully MOD a XBOX ONE - KILLER INSTINCT MAD CATZ TE2 for pc


I know it CANNOT work currently because of drivers and such, bla bla microsoft sucks. I get it.

However, the real question is if I can GET IT to work with external parts, HAS ANYONE DONE IT HERE?

A friend would kindly give me his KI stick but I am not going to take it if I cannot use it because that is pure bm.

I want to play SF5 and XRD and ofc soon to be KI but I clearly do not want to wait for Windows / Microsoft to get their act together and release drivers or wait on the CHANCE that the KI pc release will somehow solve the issue BECAUSE SF5 is February.

I do not mind getting my hands dirty and paying for additional parts if it can be done by little old me on the cheap,

HELP ME FGC, your my only hope :wink:


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This questions literally been asked 1001 times.

Use the search box or use Google and type


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