Is there anyway I can successfully MOD a XBOX ONE - KILLER INSTINCT MAD CATZ TE2 for pc

I know it CANNOT work currently because of drivers and such, bla bla microsoft sucks. I get it.

However, the real question is if I can GET IT to work with external parts, HAS ANYONE DONE IT HERE?

A friend would kindly give me his KI stick but I am not going to take it if I cannot use it because that is pure bm.

I want to play SF5 and XRD and ofc soon to be KI but I clearly do not want to wait for Windows / Microsoft to get their act together and release drivers or wait on the CHANCE that the KI pc release will somehow solve the issue BECAUSE SF5 is February.

I do not mind getting my hands dirty and paying for additional parts if it can be done by little old me on the cheap,

HELP ME FGC, your my only hope :wink:

Swap out the pcb with something else (like a brook or something) and you should be fine.
Even a padhack would do the trick.

It’s possible to get it to work as is, but the RT and LT will not function. Just pop it open and rewire it to make it a 6-button stick.

There’s also The Crossbone option which I personally use.

I stupidly bought a PS3/PS4 version of the TE2 directly from Madcatz to play SFV on the PC, tried the beta when i bought it on Steam and i was shocked the damn thing won’t work at all. But the biggest surprise was that it’s working fine on Ultra Street Fighter IV for the PC (Bought on steam)

So i’m think the issue isn’t so much with Windows itself but the individual game and Capcom just needs to pull it’s finger out to make the TE2 work with the PC version of SFV. So who knows, maybe the full version of the game it will be fine, i mean jesus all they have to do it copy/paste the code from SF4 :confused:

Anyway when i asked about this in another forum, i was told to download and use Xpadder, has anyone tried this yet? I can’t personally as i got Steam to refund me my purchase and decided to get the PS4 version on launch, or just wait and see. Surely Xpadder would be a better way then fiddling with the inside of your stick.

Also i was going to get a ReaSnow CrossHair converter anyway for playing PS4 and XB1 games with Keyboard and Mouse, i was wondering it this would be useful for this as well?

SFV Beta on PC only accepts Xinput devices, that’s why the TE2 works on USFIV and not SFVB. Get Xpadder or some other xinput wrapper.

I don’t know why Capcom made the beta xinput only, but I’m willing to bet money that the retail release will support direct input. If not immediately, then shortly thereafter- it would be supremely asinine to lock out buyers of licensed sfv sticks, and almost unprecedented for a modern pc fighting game to be xinput only.

So have they fixed this on the PC yet? I won’t be able to test it until 8pm tonight but a heads up would be great

No, they have not released DInput support yet. My advice would be to use X360CE. There are guides on how to properly integrate it with SF5 elsewhere on the forum.

Seriously what the hell are they playing at??

ps4 sticks should use jay2kings drivers on pc

The problem is Microsoft does not have to do anything, they have no obligations to do so.

Microsoft will state the Xbox One controller drivers are intended for Microsoft make Xbox one controllers and no other products, that the issues with any sticks is in the hands of the stick manufacturers (I.E. Mad Catz, Hori Ect…) and not Microsoft.