Is there anyway to fix a P360


when it cant register diagnols…WTF

just one with this mas i brought off of ebay. And the dude said its be like that since he got it. Can annyone help me.:sweat:


sounds like the restrictor is set to a 4 way stick. gotta set it to 8 way. dunno how. i dont mess with 360s i think you flip it around


Sabre’s right. Flip your actuator around to the smaller end of the side to its 8-way and you should be good.


Well, in the past there has been a ton of discussion about this sort of problem. Try doing a search. But in all likelyhood you got a P360 from a bad batch. If you don’t want it I’ll take it. I need the parts.


i guess actuator is a better term for the part hehe


question real quick albert_c wasn’t there another company making P360’s before Happ bought the rights to make them?


wico 360’s


ah thats the name thanks sabre.


lol I have that one also…love it to death. :lovin:


Possible problems:

Actuator Upside Down
Bent or bad photoresistor (I think thats what it’s called)
Incorrect Voltage (not +5V)
Bad Batch from Happ

If you can’t fix it I’ll take it for parts :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea, i been checkin out an old thread about this from a number of years back. Think ima try to check the resistor


Anyone know what part im suppose to trim down or have a picture


remove it and mount a sanwa in there that will fix everything


funny, I dont like jap stick and that bullshit wouldnt solve a damn thing. And if i did id rather have an optical in there as well. And bullshit wouldnt solve a damn thing.


Well, if you want to trim down the actuator it’s the piece touches the e-clip. It’s the last piece on the shaft. I seriously doubt that would fix it though.