Is there anyway to fix lag from a madcatz fightpad?


i had this bullshit for a week now it has a 3second lag making it unuseable… is there anyway to fix it?


Those pads are about as lag free as you are ever going to get its either your specific pad is broken,system,game or display


3 second lag?

Unless you are exaggerating then you need a new pad.

Are you talking about the 360 or PS3 version? Fightpad, Brawlpad, or SFxT pad? Using an adapter at all?


360 brawlpad


Maybe you set it to LS?
Three seconds is a lot.


that would be like 48 frames you must be exaggerating a little bit


If all other controllers are working fine on the console in question then get a new pad.

Every controller on the market today will lag, but it should be near imperceptible outside of computer analysis.

And yeah - check to make sure it is set to ‘DP’ on the underside of the pad.


wow that was the problem it was on LS not on DP

but im serious guys theres a 3second lag on my LS… I will post up a video shortly


‘LS’ delay is nothing to worry about tbh.


thanks alot for the help


Don’t waste your time.
LS is supposed to do that.
It is Digital control emulating Analog for Left Stick.


3 second lag should not be from the controller
Test out with a regular Xbox 360 game pad and see if you get the same results.

Something tells me its your TV or Monitor that is lagging and not the game pad.


360 brawl pad is slightly lag goer than my hori stick. Most people would probably never notice though, it isn’t a huge difference.