Is there anyway to run SF 3s in PS3

is there any way to do that ? cant find in the forums…anyway i ask because i saw vid in youtube that he is using a TE stick and plaing SF 3s, and they the TE stick is just working on PS3 and XBOX 360

TE stick works on PC

PC ? is there a SF 3s in PC ?? i really wanna play SF 3s with the TE stick

CPS-3 is emulated on the PC, I found MAME the fastest of all the emulators.

Is the anniversary collection playable on the ps3? I know it is on 360…

If you bought a PS3 back when they had backward compatibility then you can just buy SF Anniversary collection and play that. (3rd Strike is on it)

That’s what I do. I just play Anniversary collection from the regular Xbox on my Xbox 360.

20gb, 60gb and early 80gb PS3’s are all backwards compatible. Problem is the Madcatz sticks don’t work on PS2 games.

Also, the BC 80GB’s are backwards compatible in the same way the 360 is… it’s emulated. It doesn’t run all games, and it doesn’t run all of the ones it does play perfectly.