Is there anyway to time your normal to hit on a later frame in 5 like in street fighter 4


trying to hit stuff on later frame with a normal is hard any suggestions.


You press the button later.


what u mean ocean


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Instead of pressing it at 4 PM you press it at 5 PM. That way you trigger a special state that allows you to hit meaties.


Actually, if you want an attack to hit on a later active frame, you need to time that attack earlier.

A lot of attacks in SFV have either 2 or 3 active frames(some have more but they aren’t that common), which is very little compared to USFIV.
Combined with the back an normal recovery options you have to commit to a GUESS if you want a true meaty(hitting an attack on later active frame). You can however stuff 3f normals manually without a setup.
Due to the low active frames you have VERY little room for error, so manually timing an attack so it hits on a later active frame is very difficult to do, you require a setup.

Like i said before, most setups that have an attack hit on a later active frame only cover 1 wakeup option, normal or back recovery, you have to guess in these instances. There are very few setups which cover both(need an attack with atleast 5 active frames)

If you know the opponent likes to do a normal recovery, then go or the normal recovery setup, same goes for the back recovery, however these options have risks because if you guessed wrong you might be pretty punishable. It;s best to use setups thta covery knockdowns which give a consistent timing:
[] Some CA’s
] Throws
[] No recovery(they didn’t use normal or back recovery)
] Resets
These are the situations you would want to use true meaty attacks

When you create a setup they require things which are consistent in timing, so no walking as you cna mess up timing easily. Dashes, jumps, whiffed attacks are all good ways to time a proper meaty.

A few examples:
Cammy - hk arrow, dash, normal recovery, allows combo into

Juri - throw,, dash, covers the normal recovery, the dash, is meaty on the no recovery option and she can link into without counterhit)

Chun - Spinnig Bird Kick corner, dash,, b.hp(covers both normal and back recovery)

In short, use setups. Use dashes, whiffed attacks and jumps to get the timing, no walking as it makes it very inconsistent to do.
Most setups don’t cover every wakeup timing, so you have to commit to which wakeup timing the opponent use. You don’t need setups if you just want to stuff wakep buttons.
Using attacks with a lot of active frames is especially good.


Aren’t you the guy who made Alex meaty set-ups that were just untrue combos who then deleted everything. Do you ever research fighting games or just ask questions, not listen and then go on to put nothing into practice?

Press the button either at a specific range so that it’s hitbox extends into the opponent during it’s later active frames, or time the button early on their wake-up so that the inital hitbox whiffs and the second/third/fourth active hitbox hits them instead

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