Is there anywhere to get Maki sprites from cvs2 or animated ones?

please…ive looked everywhere on this site for some

Use the resource lists.
thats why we have them.

nice help…no ive already thru all of them…wasted about an hour and such for no reason. and im pretty sure i specifically said i looked thru everything.

besides…more then 60% of those links are dead cause nobody updates

Holy Crap!It’s really shadowglare!I remember you when Gamefaqs was popular!I was Kingfismit/EvilPenguinX.
that site has all of maki’s outfits in cvs2, but there not animated. I will try and find some that are animated.

check out the Guild. we rip these sprites for anyone to use for ANY pupose. no credit is necessary,as these are open source sprites.