Is there cheapness in SF?

ok i just played a Well played M.Bison(Dictator) and on the fourth round (i was up 2-1) he got me with a well timed Phycho crusher, then hovered over me and Spammed :lk:after about 4 hits, grabbed me and repeat, he beat me that round and did the same the next round, i told him thats pretty cheap consitering its using the games mechanics against me, and he replied" if its in the game its not cheap, theres no such thing as cheap".

well im still pretty pissed about that, but it got me thinking, is he right? cause to me, i really dont think when they made SFII the put this in the game knowingly its hard to counter with some characters.

my question to you guys is that is thier cheapness in the game? agree/disagree

ps if theres some sort of counter, please let me know lol

I don’t think there is considering the above story. It is reversible, easier with some characters than others.

But no, I don’t really think there is “cheapness” in the game to be honest.

Is there such thing as cheapness in fighting games? yes

Did the devs intend on it? Probably not

Does it matter? fuck no.

Is it scrubtacular to complain that you lost because of it? hell yes.

Lol I intend to always try to use the game’s mechanics to beat my opponent in any fighting game. :looney:

hey i just posted this outta curiousity, im not mad that i lost, im mad at what he said :stuck_out_tongue: if i was pissed iw ould say things like cheap MF and all that

There’s only one solution for your problem and here it is.

ahhhhh my eyes burn!

Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as “cheap.” The most exciting competitive play is when both players are doing everything they possibly can in the game to try and win; no holds barred.

Colloquially speaking, there is definitely such a thing as cheap… and it’s usually the stuff that makes the game so fun! :rofl:

That’s where my opinion lies … I guess I’d be in the don’t care area, but I will still grumble to myself and laugh at how I lost to some of these tactics.

When I use “cheap tactics”, I’m usually doing it until I get bored of the person not being able to counter what I’m doing. Then I switch to some other mixup because it gets boring and you don’t want to get too complacent. It’s not a tournament (and it’s most likely I wouldn’t be attending one), so I just try and get better learning new tricks that someone later would call “cheap”. :sweat:

When I first started playing Street Fighter competitively, I changed my mind-set about things like cheapness or anything that seems ridiculously unfair.

For me (In Street Fighter at least) there is no such thing as cheap, but there are “situations that are very difficult to get out of”. Stuff like grab-throw loops, tick-throw loops, tricky cross-ups, etc. All of them are preventable with enough skill and practice, but it’s definitely not easy.

Tactics like these give people the impression that they’re cheap because they’re so highly effective. But when you look on the opposite end, these tactics are just as available to me as they are to my opponent and if I were on the delivering end, I wouldn’t hesitate to use them either, so it’s fair game.

People who don’t like cheap tactics should play WII sports.

There is a counter, but i can’t really explain it, i can explain it in person though for whatever reason.

The counter is to throw when he tries to throw you, or you can dragon punch. bison is a purely offensive character, he has no defense whatsoever except super, so to prevent all this from happening altogether, if your character, and your opponent allows it, get up in his grill. S.lkx4 rush throw, i say counter throw. If the bison is smart, he’ll you’re throw attempt, since you are both far away that you’ll get thrown, but the game is so fast it’s hard to explain right.

just remember during the s.lks if he see’s you standing he might know you’re trying to throw and he might counter.

hope that helps, sorry if i’m vague.

If the tactic is very simple, the risk very low and the reward very high I might consider it as a cheap tactic. Doesn’t mean it is not allowed, it just means that if I lose to it it doesn’t make me respect my opponent’s wins that much.

I expect to see those things in ranked matches, not that much in friendlies. A few times is ok, the whole time is me losing respect (but stll trying to counter ;))

yes its cheap. no theres nothing wrong with being cheap. its the way the game works.

CE Bison is cheap.

Real talk

It depends on the amount of knowledge you have. If you are fairly new to the game, a lot of things done unto you will seem cheap, but when you acquire knowledge and experience in the game all of the sudden you are in a position to counter a lot of the “cheap” tactics you come across. Therefore, cheapness is just an illusion derived from your ignorance. So, instead of making pointless threads like this one, go to the thread that deals with your character, try looking to see if someone has posted a counter to the tactic you came across. If no one has done so, then ask.

P.S. I’m not trying to be mean or anything, lol.

Basically, like others have said, its “cheap” because you dont know how to counter it. I wouldnt get angry at people that do things like this, learn from it. Once you’ve seen it figure out how to counter it. Once you’ve learned how to stop it it wont happen again and you’ll be a better player for it.

And the whole game’s aim is to get rid of the other persons life bar (or have a higher one when the time ticks out for those that are picky :P) and you should use all the tools available to do it. You shouldnt not do a tactic just to give the other person a chance. If you think about it thats pretty stupid

It’s only cheap until you learn to avoid it and start beating on them in return.

Yes, of course there is such a thing as cheap. It’s something that gives a big reward for little effort / risk. And no, it’s not bad to use cheap stuff (unless it absolutely breaks the game like Akuma in OG ST).

Tick throws are not really “cheap”, they can always be reversed by specials and throws and they actually become pretty risky if the defending player is good at reversals. Learn how to reversal and tick throws will not be the threat they are to you right now.

Somebody needs to go read the first post in the “On Cheapness” thread in the “Domination 101” forum in…“The Dojo”.

Go get schooled and come back better for it.