Is there EVO2k10 DVD's available?

Odd; I swear I always see EVO DVD’s being sold or advertised here.
Anyone got a link or something on where I can buy this?

I think I’m blind but I couldn’t find it on the official site also. :wtf:

And I want one because I missed 98% of the stream. :wasted:

You may be blind as there is already an Evo General FAQ thread stickied for your use.

^ Uhh I checked it quickly before I made this thread. I don’t have the time in the world. So would that be a yes or a no.

You’re supposed to put your question there so that moderators can quickly answer it.

Maybe in the future we will attach more instructions in the thread title.

Also, all videos are going to go to Youtube; if you had read the first thread on the forum which I am absolutely sure you have barring blindness, then you would already know this. But who am I to question vision?

^ that’s better. Kthnx

Pardon my rush. It’s a very rushing week. I just ctrl+F’d DVD"s on the first page knowing that OP’s should constantly update them; but yeah. Ambigious results.