Is there going to be a new Street Fighter anime series to go with the new comics


Does anyone know if there going to be anime/animated series of Street Fighter cause i really hope so.

And if they do i hope they use the approach of the comics and add Street Fighter III character such as GILL love to see him vs Ryu

If anyone has info or a new series would be great.


I think there should be, but there likely won’t. Udon can either do the comic, or anime. Not both; and the majority would rather have the comic for now. However I seem to remember someone saying that there were more SF anime in the works. I hope this is true.


Yeah if manga funded more…wasn’t alpha generations budgetted at 10,000?


If that is the case no wonder it was was a pile of rubbish. I would love for Udon to do an anime series.


You know, comics is not the same as animation. A comic book studio can’t just up and make an animated film without a serious overhaul of the company, staff, and equipment.

On a side note, I think Arnold Tsang and Andrew Hou are both animation majors though.