Is there gonna be ANY events at EVO?

Will there be ANYTHING besides just the bracket tourney matches?

IMO that is what makes EVO stand out from other tourneys. Be it America Vs. Japan, East vs. West, Wong Vs. Choi or whatever.

Nothin like a fri or sat evening full of hype, drama, and gambling.

Dont care what you do, just dont ever make a tourney less than it was the year before. Always go bigger or at least match it.

I wanna see Bios, interviews, grudge matches, announcers, trailers, combo vids, the whole nine yards.

I look forward to another not just tourney… another EVENT!

I would love to see the east vs west coast marvel 5 on 5 go down

we all would like to but it will never happen sadly

I’d like to see Evo vs. Mr Wizard in a McRib eating contest.

Let’s turn Evo into a competitive eating competition. HYPE!!!

something cvs2 related would be delicious P;

I don’t want to see any events at the cost of any of the Evo games being cut short. Besides, I’m sure people are already hard at work at combo vids, and organizing things, but it is 4 months away.

Yes plz!!!


That shit will never happen.

ec vs wc is brinkmanship at its finest, all the shit talk and stipulations and money being put up, just for it to get disarmed when the time comes. This shit is marvels cold war.

No shit there’s going to be some events at Evo. Why the hell do people make these obvious ass topics? The special events don’t just come out of thin air…the drama has to be created on the forums first. Evo staff doesn’t tell people who to have grudges with like some wrestling event.The drama will come like it does every year. Someone just has to have an ego and a little bit of money.

Evo is still 5 months away. It usually takes about that long for things to build up. Sit tight until then.

Hey, j360 wanna play for $666 at evo?

I say we all go to vegas a few days before evo and go clubbin… see who bags up the most panties:rolleyes:

im not doin more than 100 with ANYONE. ill be willing to play for 100 at evo.

666 what a trio member…

like i said b4 i got 50 on josh…

Not surprising since Dark Prince considers himself to be the servant of “the beast.”

I’d rather see him play Justin Wong for $666 where Wong can’t use god/high tiers.

Ill play you first to 10 for 100 at evo

Its hard to say, usually the most exciting events (marvel) come out of nowhere at evo. that is to say they aren’t planned ahead.

I’ll play you for $100 at evo aswell…

$100 is too low for you Nelson. I know you East Coast hustlers have more than that, so I’m going to have to set a minimum bet of $300 with you.