Is there hope for a new player...?


New guy here…haven’t played a fighter game in more than twenty years, and picked up a Street Fighter game for my Xbox 360 along with a decent arcade stick to use.

Ouch…I didn’t realize that the learning curve is so dratted steep!:confused: Stuff that I would really need to know I’m struggling mightily to try and learn (namely, any move input that needs a quarter-circle or more on the stick)…arrgh!

Is there any hope at all for the player who’s brand new to the fighting game genre?
Or, is a guy like me who’s in his middle forties just fooling himself?

Any help/encouragement will be greatly appreciated!:sweat:


If you’re willing to invest the time, anything is possible.


Yeah there’s hope. It’ll take you a while (longer than you might think), but you can learn it. If you like it enough, you should be able to stick with it for long enough until you’ve got the basics down, and that’s when it starts to get fun.


Yeah. That Paul “so much damage” whatever never played a fighting game before SF4 and he’s doing pretty fine.


buy sf4 and pick up sagat or ryu


Of course there’s hope. Just spend some time in the practice room working on those moves that are giving you trouble until you can do them consistently. It’s maybe a little boring, but a few hours (at most) of focusing on learning each move and they should be second nature. Will make the games a lot more fun once you aren’t struggling with the controls and can start focusing on learning match-ups. Also if QCF+ is giving you trouble, maybe pick a charge character like Balrog so you only have to move the stick in straight lines.


I actually recommend you to start with guile, his moves are the most straightforward and easy to perform, you can quickly get into the game without much burden of execution drawbacks.

I started with Guile when i first played street fighter 2, didn’t know how to do the QCF motion and button push simultaneously without jumping into opponent’s face.


If your using a square gate, don’t ride the edges of the gate when you do your motions. That may help as its something that beginners do.


First off awesome username. That was my favorite episode of Bebop.

But back on the subject

Sometimes I wonder this as well.

I feel a little intimidated sometimes, because there are still a lot of the same names placing high at a National Level. Locally there are a lot of new good players, but nationally as a new player myself I’m pretty intimidated.

In the end I guess you can’t do nothing but practice and get yours. If you’re in a good enough position one day to be one of the big names in the community then it was something meant to be


You can do it.

Play smart.


As the famous astrophysicist Kevin Garnett once said on the subject of multiple universes coexisting and overlapping ours, “Anything is possible!”

So yes, you can get good, just stick with it and keep playing, and prepare to lose a lot at first.


yeah, and maybe if you dont ever learn it and continue to suck ass, atleast youre probably amazing in an alternate universe.




If you sucked before, you will still suck. If you were good before, there is a chance.

It isn’t just the time you put in, it is what you learn and apply from that time.


All you need is some dedication and motivation. Nowadays there are so many ways to improve from the comfort of your own home. Therefore, you are bound to get better if you put in some time. If you feel like you are at the bottom, then you can only go up. Watch a lot of people play too. You will learn faster.

And remember, its a game. HAVE FUN.


Yes. :smile:


Every game has newcomers that still place well, despite not being in the game for many many years. Gene did well in CvS2, Afrolegends ST/HDR, MvC2 (don’t bother, play 6 years and be only decent competition wise), Eduardo SF4 (this is hard to gauge cuz he’s international), Hsien Chang, etc. etc.

Just don’t do scrub things like worry about doing the coolest looking combos, blame the match-up, blame lag, blame lack of competition, blame your character, use fun as an excuse for losing and jumping constantly.


lol sf4 steep learning curve? here i thought it was as steep as sf2

try blazblue for steep :wonder:


If there’s one thing I’ve lerned over time, it’s that human beings can learn anything with time and meaningful practice.


I think it’s easier to learn stick with an octo gate. Once you get used to the motions it’s easy to switch to square.