Is there information available on the CPS1 SF's dip switches and 2P start mode?

I’ve noticed on mame that there are several dip switches for the three CPS1 street fighter games that seem to be un-named. Is there, by any chance, any particular combinations that can allow hitboxes to appear during gameplay?

Also, in ST there’s a start mode in the dip switch option to allow starting of the game with player two. Is a way to activate starting with player two in the three CPS1 street fighters?

Try them and find out? There’s not that many switches and since some are labeled then the rest can’t really be affected by them.

Yes, you can activate hitboxes in the CPS1 SF2s through dipswitches. It’s kind of hard to get working properly though, I’ve only done it a few times. T. Akiba’s page has pretty much all the known info on the CPS1 SF2s’ dipswitches, albeit in Japanese.

After playing a little with the dips (SFII HF, Japan) in FBA and with help from Akiba’s page and Google traslator (:wgrin:). I’ve got this

Actually, the game it’s only cpu vs cpu. I’ll try more Dip SW combinations to find a way to play a normal game with visible hitboxes.

Wow nice screen shot. I’ve tried for over an hour but still couldn’t get the dip switches to work properly in mame. I wonder if they only work in FBA. What do the buttons A-1, C-1, B-2 etc represent in the t.akiba site? In mame, there are only 7 switches and all of them are labelled ‘unknown’. I’ve tried all sorts of combinations but couldn’t get any to work.

On Mame and Kawaks I couldn’t manipulate all the DIP, only in FBA I found that option.
Now I have visible hitboxes (Only hitboxes, no other stuff like coordenates and other info as you can see in the pic on my last post) and normal play :stuck_out_tongue: (player vs CPU or 1P vs 2P)
Just set the DIPs in FBA like that

The gameplay speed is similar to Champion Edition’s.

BTW, this only works in SF HF japan version. Later I’ll try to found the DIP settings for other versions)

They probably refer to the actual hard dips off the original boards. =x

Ah, I hadn’t used FBA in a while and didn’t know it had a better dipswitch settings editor. In Kawaks, the only way to get that working that I knew of was to go in and edit the game’s .ini file that stores settings and such.

Nice screenshot, too. You can see there that projectiles have two hitboxes. The big one is for detecting other projectiles, the little one is for detecting opponents. You’ve probably noticed in play that opposing projectiles don’t have to get very close to each other to cancel each other out, but they have to get pretty close to an opponent to hit them.

Cool, I’ve got a copy of fba and the hitbox display works perfectly. Do you happen to have the settings to display hitboxes for ce and ww as well?

They should be the same. All the CPS1 games were essentially upgraded boards.

I thought so too, but when I tried the switches on ce, they game doesn’t let me exit test mode for some reason. Also it seems that I can only alter the ‘states’ section and hope to get a combination I want instead of the ‘mapped-to’ section using fba. I actually achieved the HF hitbox combination by modifying the states according to the screenshot instead of the mapped-to section where all the 1s and 0s are.

Try holding down P2’s Light Punch and Hard Punch buttons as the game starts up. I know that worked for me sometimes when the game wanted to get stuck at the test menu.

EDIT: HOLY SHIT… Here’s that object test that I saw all that text for! Now if only I knew how to access it on CPS2… :sad:

the fuck?!?!? You can see hit boxes? holy shit! Please tell me how to do this in ST and any other games you guys know!

I know it maybe a huge hassle to post how, but please tell me what games this is possible with.

It doesn’t work the same for the CPS2 and on games because it’s not as simple/not included in the final product. I’m pretty sure it’s the same for most other games from that point on, it’s usually never left in the finalized version, but is almost always in a beta set. Even then it usually requires outside help to work(usually an interface that you can’t find anymore).

I know the home versions of (U)MK3 had a hitboxes enabled code somewhere.

I tried out the settings in Final Burn and the hitbox stuff works! That’s awesome. Thanks a lot for the pic of what to set them too! :tup:

Now I’m wondering what the different color boxes mean. The black ones seem to be the boxes where you’re attacking the opponent. But what’s the difference between the white, the brown, and the tan hitboxes on you? There are multiple brown boxes, so I’m guessing those are where you get hit. But what about the other two?

Whoa! What on earth is that? Is that something you can access with Final Burn?

Yeah, you should be able to access it with any emulator, providing you set the dipswitches correctly. It’s basically a test menu that lets you scroll through every frame of animation for every character and see its hitboxes.

Yeah, black are the attack hitboxes. White and tan are both “vulnerability” boxes. i.e., where you can get hit. Specifically, the white is the “head” box, and the tan is the “body” box. One of the two brown boxes is the “foot” vunerability box (like the head and body ones, basically), and the other is the “push” box that determines what part of the character is solid (for when characters walk or jump at each other). Don’t know why they made them both brown, it gets kinda confusing.

SSF2T has the text for this menu within its ROM, so it might still be there somewhere. No clue how to get to it, of course.

Sounds really cool! Do you know what the dipswitch settings are? If you could post a pic like Ryu_Chile, that’d be awesome!

Cool, thanks for the info!

Oh really? That’s good to know! I’ve done some hacking around with the mame source code in the past. If I had even a clue of what to go on, I’d try to see if I could hack in access to this. But I’m not sure I’d even know where to start. Any ideas?

Is there a simple way to get the hitboxes to show up in kawaks?

also, felineki, if you could find that test screen in ST you will be my god :slight_smile: