Is there input lag when using long usb cord

i recently lost the xbox360 “break-away” wire that connects into the usb port on the console, so i replaced that wire with a madcatz wire which is 8ft. since i am using a custom made joystick and the wire 16ft. total; will i encounter any input lag??? cause when i play hd remix it feels like i have to double press the button in order for me to pull off my move, and its like that whether its against cpu or online. any suggestions or info would be appreciated. thx
im fairly new to this so my apologies if this has already been discussed or mentioned

i think the maximum length for usb without lag is 5 meters, or ~16 feet. are you using a usb extension cable or something?

yeah if you want to go beyond 5m without latency use a USB repeater extender

hmmm? I thought the 5m limit was due to signal degradation, not latency. Also, there should be no issues with a degrading signal at that length, especially since the 360 pad will act as a signal repeater (not really repeating, but you know what I mean).

im using the madcatz usb extension it was made for the rock band wired guitar.
does anyone know if i can buy jus the break-away wire?? and about the usb repeater thing, where would i get that?? thx

grab a gamestop controller?(used?)

they include one

USB spec if I recall right limits the USB cable length to 25 feet (because of signal degradation, NOT latency), but many people use lengths that far exceed that without any problems.

Cables, for any system, are straight through wires, and will never affect latency unless you’re playing a system in Kansas from your porch in LA. This goes for USB, PSX, GC, NES, SNES, everything.

thx for the info guys…and should i buy the gamestop 360 controller and use the break away wire from it; would there be a difference between that and the offical xbox one??

usually GS or GC might have one extra break away cable, ask your local store