Is there no advice on Ken?

Having LOTS of trouble. Can’t find anything in the threads for him specifically. Can someone link me to one?

ken is basically a rushdown ryu with crap fireballs, worse shoryukens and you have the best teleport in the game.

Shouldn’t be a hard match

u might be struggling w his crossup medium kick and his annoying fierce shoryuken. just know to block correctly and that his fierce srk has a looong reaching range, beating u at ranges u may not expect. jumpins are less risky as they dont link to ultra always. his air ex tatsu has a weird trajectory, teleport out if ure unsure.

LOL? As a Ken player, i hate to admit it but Akuma has too many offensive tools and a great enough zoning game to keep Ken at bay at all times thanks to his teleport making it hard for Ken to even even bait. =(

umm… don’t use hk very often?? cross tatsu a lot?? ummm… him or hk him if you think is is about to use You’ll generally win. Teleport out if you aren’t sure on wake-up. Don’t overuse air fb to try and runaway… Feel free to block for a little bit to get him to jump in and then c.hp him for having decided to jump in.

honestly there isn’t anything that is special that makes him hard. You probably are just having trouble because the rushdown that ken HAS to perform to win is forcing you to try and run away more than you want to and so you are making mistakes and playing too defensive.

Try using tiger FB o help you get near him. And understand if your opponent is going to use a lot of random SRK or not. Only reason ken really tends to be hard is A. if you mash option select and give him free kara throws all over the place. B. You get stressed out easily from the rushdown or C. you are getting random SRK a lot.

A = don’t option select and rather just do a normal throw tech
B = be more offensive and use more
C = end a block string early to just sit a block for a second… just block more in general and then punish. Let SRK spam be hsi undoing.

You know though… you should put up what your problem is with the match-up instead of just asking if there is a post somewhere in case there isn’t. But I’m SURE if you took the time to look through the whole match-up thread o.O … you’d find SOMETHING.

  1. don’t let him in (he can’t get in)

  2. win

this is a bad match for ken

if ken starts throwing blockstrings on you mash backdash because he will kara grab you. that’s about it.

this matchup is tough

^this match is tough against ken’s who are better than you or know their match-up so well they notice every little zoning mistake you make and capitalize off it but otherwise this is hard for ken.

I couldnt have said it any better. ken is akumas bitch 9/10 times. learn kens zoning and punish every single missed or wiffed shoryu and the match is yours. go in practice mode and practice punishing random shoryus with your bnb. there is no reason you shouldnt be able to do your bnb on a lp shoryu or even ultra off a blocked lp-ex shoryu. this is an easy match for sure.

my favorite againts spamming kens is the jump back LATE fireball. right in his face!

If you’re having problems with Ken, it’s usually because you’re trying to play footsies against him. Ken’s limbs are fast (I’m not sure if they’re faster than Akuma’s), and f+MK can stuff a lot if you’re not careful. Don’t get suckered into fighting him close, and teleport/air tatsu away as much as possible.

When throwing Zanku Hadous, do it on the way down and not at the top of your jump. Ken’s f+MK can step under a high Zanku and get him in good position. You need to use Zanku and Hadous as a pressure tool in order to make approaching him safe. The second he blocks/escapes/stops your pressure, however, back the fuck off.

Man, in the Ryu thread this dude would’ve been flamed to high hell and back for not asking it in the match up thread. I like you Akuma dudes!

Anywho, I play this match up run away mostly (like I do with Ryu) Zone him, cMK Hadoken to keep him at bay, teleport as much as you need. Backwards is almost always safe, he doesn’t have much he can catch you with. Don’t let him inside, this one is easy if you can keep him out. As mentioned, no OST, just tech the Kara.

First of all, thanks to everybody for the awesome advice. I read this forum constantly but usually never post and I was sure I was going to be flamed to a crisp for asking a question. Anyways…

@Gator: Good stuff. My problem specifically is Ken’s overhead kick to his c.MK -> fb spamming. It seems to get me every time. I often try cutting it off with my c.HK but it gets stuffed a lot? Is that just a timing thing?

@West: I had the honor of playing your Akuma online by accident. And I must say…you’re Akuma is genius. I don’t know why everyone on this forum hates you (or pretends to hate you) but you’re damn good.

@King Zeal: Yes that f+MK has been owning me. Any good ways to punish the kick on block? Or is it just safe like that?

Overall thought what I’m gathering is just to BnB the whiffed SRKs, don’t play footsies, and utilize my teleport more. Anything else you guys think I should practice on?

We dont actually hate West (well I dont) or McSmay as he calls himself, its just a reference to loltima’s video " West catches me with this all the time… Fuck that guy" and so we took to quoting loltima whose videos you should be watching to help your game. His Vortex vid is pretty good and watch some of Wests shit on youtube his match against Tekken Mike showed me some nice tricks/mix up variations.


Yeah. But does he really refer to himself as McSmay? Really? Makes me hate him even more.

I actually have loltima’s vids in my favorites. I refer back to them more often than not. I can FADC pretty much everytime now. At this point, I’m trying to improve my mixups and get better at knowing my matchups more thoroughly. I don’t know why I haven’t tried watching any of West’s fights online. I’ll look up a few.

Does anyone find that sometimes they get Ultra’d by Ken when doing AA Demons? I can hit him with it most of the time, but I’m thinking the timing to hit Ken with the AA is a little stricter than the others.

^against ken when you have demon sweep is god…he can’t do anything about it.

AA Demons can be baited by empty/safe jumps. Depending on the distance you are, and the speed of their Reversal, many characters can not only escape an AA Demon, but counter you. Unfortunately, Ken’s Ultra is very to do in this regard, since he has a lot of invincibility frames, and the first hit starts an auto combo.

As I’ve been made painfully aware, the only “safe” or “guaranteed” demons are focused or punishing ones. Any time you decide to use one outside of those two circumstances, you’re rolling dice.

His youtube channel is McSmay I am pretty sure…

<edit channel has one l>

If the Ken is smart, he’ll mp/ex srk you while you’re floating.

Ken is FAR from an easy matchup. You cannot punish whiffed lp srks, because a second one right after will beat whatever you try to do. Akuma can only jump back so much before he puts himself in the corner.

He has better jumping normals, Kara throw, better and can easily take half your life just by poking.

Hadou from midscreen gives Ken a free into lots of damage due to stamina. Try the same against him and you get Srked or aa ultraed.