Is there no MK Stream from Evo2011?

am I reading this right? The schedule is showing that there will be no stream of any of the MK fights? Is that correct or is there another stream I do not know of?

I think is doing a stream:!!!-Soon-to-Begin-at-Evo-2011!!!

I was just about to ask this question. It’s not even on the SRK schedule. Thanks for the link. I’d rather watch MK than SF4 any day.

has this stream been recorded anywhere. I missed a lot of it… I realy wanted to see some of the WNF guys as well as some others and aparently they have all played all ready :frowning:

MK was definitely getting streamed yesterday, I saw some of it on the second channel. I’m not sure about what is being archived, but you can still catch the top 8 on Sunday.