Is there no proper dummy record feature?

So, I want to learn how to handle a bunch of setups, and I thought the save state function, only available in Normal Training Mode, would be awesome for that. The only problem is, when I select “Dummy Recording” in Normal Training, the game has me controlling myself, not the training dummy. Hitting replay just lets you replay whatever you just did with no interaction.

I have no idea what a player recorder can be used for with no way to save them (like if you wanted to do combo videos), and no way to interact with them. So I went to Parry Training Mode and used that dummy recorder. However, it wasn’t very useful because my character is set to permanent auto-parry, so I can’t really get into all of the setups I want. Also, the lack of the normal training’s save state doesn’t make things easier.

Long story short, is there no way to record the dummy for Normal Training? Is there some option I’m missing?

yes, this is a ridiculous oversight! if someone from capcom is reading this, please fucking fix this shit. maybe i will actually buy the game then :slight_smile: