Is there not a change list thread yet?

I don’t see one anywhere, which is really odd so…

After messing with the new game for like 5 minutes, the immediate things pop out:

  • Ryu does way less damage across the board. probably around 20%

  • A sidekick does what you expect it to midscreen, though it’s pretty hard to combo after now

  • C sidekick does something weird; the flying opponent doesn’t cause the background to pan, so the opponent hits a wall right in front of you and bounces back right next to you. this makes midscreen sidekick combos even easier

  • ryu’s standard corner combo of wallbounce -> 5B, wait… 2B etc must be done much faster now, almost a straight chain. this is due to a system-wide change of opponents not bouncing as high on juggle hits, doubtless capcom’s attempt to remove some infinites

  • the lower bouncing on juggles makes it easier for ryu to juggle his 2C in extended combo sequences

  • ryu’s 6B overhead doesn’t hit twice against another crouching ryu… essentially making the overhead slower since now you have to wait until the 2nd hit. it’s pretty slow

  • you drop ridiculously fast after super jump air hurricane kick now. there’s probably some interesting applications for this

  • saki’s assist is… even worse? its just as slow as before, but now it hits the opponent all the way across the screen, making some previous combos impossible now

You mean a change list thread like this?

the ryu stuff isn’t accurate at least; i’ll make edits to this post for the moment while im working on and just dump it in that thread, deleting this one