Is there point to upgrade?


For the past couple of months I’ve been using Hori Fighting Stick VX ($60 one) and have been debating on spending money on a higher quality stick. Is there a point to upgrade right now? If so, which generation of console would be a better investment?


Right now most higher quality sticks are sold out and backordered because of the sales that Evo brought in. So upgrading right now or even this month may not be viable depending on what’s available where you are (there are only garbage sticks available for shipping in my area right now).


Well are you happy with your stick? If you like the feel of the case you can always mod your stick with Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons/stick if you want high quality arcade parts.


This late in the game, I’d maybe look into modding in some shiny new Sanwa/Seimi buttons, or some new microswitches for the stick if you’re feeling adventurous.
That way, you’ll get a bit of a new stick feel to keep you tied over til the new-gen consoles have more to offer and some money in your back pocket to help you get a new-gen stick.

I currently run on Xbox 360, but I’d reckon the PS3 had more fighting game launches in its time, particularly in Japan. Don’t quote me on that though, haven’t counted.

For the simple fact that Sony have deep roots in Japan, while Microsoft are still struggling to get their consoles taken seriously over there, I’d hazard to guess that the PS4 will have more of a fighting caliber this time around too.
Either way, there’ll be options though, and KI is loads of fun on the XBOne right now.


I think that the only PS4 fighting game announced so far is Guilty Gear Xrd which will also launch on PS3 (no clue about tournament standard). Additionally ‘Arcana Heart 3: Love Max!!!’ is releasing on PS3 this fall as is ‘Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax’. Furthermore ‘Under Night in Birth EXE: Late’ is releasing for PS3 (allegedly) in early 2015. I guess if you like anime games then you’ve got a pretty clear path with regards to console and controller selection otherwise it would be on an as needed basis (i.e. KI is on the XBone and the tournament standard for USFIV is the 360).


I’m content but you’re right, I’ll take that into consideration. I’m just worried about breaking the PCB since it’s soldered onto the buttons.

That’s true also I’m looking around and the fight sticks around my price ranges are out of stock too.


I’m a huge fan of the case and form factor. I think it’s a fantastic stick, once you mod it with better parts.

You don’t really need to worry about the PCB the buttons are soldered on to. You can do away with it altogether and wire directly from the main PCB to the buttons. I took diagonal cutters and cut the button switch leads in between the PCB and the buttons.


As am I.

If you’re not sure about the mods and upgrades, there’s a whole thread dedicated to the Hori FSVX/V3:

The parts-swaps with Sanwa things start a few pages in; the heavier-hitting mods start at page 10.


Thanks for the info, I’ll get to reading up on this. :smiley:


PS4 will be getting Skullgirls Encore with all the DLC characters included for free.

Aside from that, there’s also Injustice and the PS4 version apparently has improved netcode.