Is there preferential treatment to top players when creating a bracket?


Data Beast posted a comment on a different thread stating that he has seen tournament organizers willing place top players in different places. Parabellum pointed it out that he has been in tournaments where this has been done in order to give everybody a fair chance and to save the hype for later matches.

This happened in Final Round where top players were purposefully put in different brackets where the only way they would play each other is on later stages of the tournament if at all (of course, them being placed on brackets away from each other does not mean that the other players in that bracket are not of the same caliber, eliminating that noise before it starts).

Fighting games were something I liked since I was little as an arcade rat and now a hobby I’m working to understand and become proficient. Before this my tournament experience has been with Magic: The Gathering which runs tournaments in a different style but with pairings completely randomized. Because of this the idea that any player getting some kind of preferential treatment as far as opponents are concerned makes the tournament look like a farce.

Full disclosure on the bracketing in magic: the only time where one can get an advantage in a tournament is on Grand Prix tournaments. The tournaments are completely open but one can compete in a GP Trial to win a 3 round bye for the tournament. If I remember correctly, there is a secondary way to get those byes by your rating, but its been a while since I was last involved in the competitive scene so my memory is hazy. If somebody can fill in the gaps on this one, much appreciated.


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the best player wins… if their placing WAS completely random and they were still seated exactly as if they were spread apart and they’d win would anybody be upset about it?

they are just plain better than a lot of other tournament goers, whether those tournament goers get knocked out early because of a spread doesn’t really matter because they still lost to the better man