Is there programable keyboards/joypads?

I’m starting to play some guys who seem to never ever miss a combo, and can do a solid set of combo’s with 7 characters. It’s getting pretty frustrating since I run to this player alot playing him online. Even in the replays the inputs are almost always identicle.

There are such things but, it’s not impossible for someone to just be really good at the game.

If you are that suspicious I recommend not playing him anymore.

with 7 characters? I don’t buy it.

People have no imagination these days, I blame the parents/schools/violent video games and Jack Thompson.

3/4 of the cast use teh same style combos

cr jab cr jab cr strong into w/e

Human beings are capable of pretty awesome things. The dexterity, timing and memory involved in SF doesn’t even compare to the skills of a beginner pianist.

Some perspective is required here.

Shit if you have the timing and the execution you can do just about anything. Step your game up and practice more.

it’s true

yep exactly this. 7 is not a lot especially if they’re just bnbs.