Is there really a fighter out there that takes no skill?


Is there really a fighter that takes no skill whatsoever? I don’t think that I’ve ever played one where the amount of time I put into learning the game is overpowered by someone mashing buttons/getting lucky.

Here are my thoughts on this in refrence to recent fighters I’ve played:

DOA4- Countering is easy to do, and players do get that “lucky counter” occasionally. However, if you are mashing buttons against me, rest assured you will be pwned, and a lucky counter every now and then won’t stop me.

VF5- No explanation neccessary. If you are mashing buttons and somehow manage to take away half of my lifebar—it’s just because I was using you as a training dummy to learn new combos.

Tekken- You may score a few hits on me, maybe even a few more if you’re using EDDIE/CHRISTIE. However, those few hits don’t really mean much when I juggle you for 85% of your lifebar–back up–and then do it again.

Soul Calibur- You’ll score a few hits–might even win a round by ringing me out(OCCASIONALLY)—but I wont lose the match. If you piss me off—I’ll just go super cheesy with Seigfried and score a perfect (or close to it) every time.

Street Fighter- Is it really possible to mash buttons and win in this game? Unlike 3D fighters if you mash you’l probably just stand there whiffing normals into the air. Maybe you’ll get a fireball every now and then…

Mortal Kombat- Last one I played seriously was MK Deception—but I can guarantee with any MK game that if you button mash you’re going to get sick of seeing my character’s fatality every match.

Now obviously some fighting games are deeper (Which does not mean “Better” or “More Fun”–that’s depends on your opinion) but as a fighting game player I’ve yet to witness a true “button masher”


wow other moron who doesn’t know shit about fighting games


Haha, wow, I’m not even surprised anymore.


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its just things like this make me hate people even more.


Well, it just reassures me every time I’m about say:

“Can people really be that du-…?”

Then I think about this shit and don’t even have to finish.


Damn man you sound good, you should go to them big tourneys. You could become a pro-gamer, or maybe you are one already? wow, man you are cool.


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whole thread: lol if u mash in [insert game] against me, you might score some lol lucky hits, but you wont like lol win ever. ill prob just perfectu when i go super sayin.


LOL I totally didn’t think that I would get such a negative response.

OK I’ll bite. What game is there that if I took the time to learn it-----that any body can beat me by mashing buttons?


3rd strike


I might as well spam the thread like everyone else in here who couldn’t just let the fucking thread fade into the second page and die


One more thing I’d like to add…by “beat me mashing buttons” I’m not trying to say that I’m a God like player or anything…I was trying to refrence people that are in to fighting games as a whole. I see that the way how I worded my post made me sound arrogant.

Let me rephrase: "What fighting game (That you’ve spent time trying to get good at) would you lose to someone who is purely “button mashing”?

I honestly can’t think of one.




Well then, its obvious you’ve never played any of the Super Smash Brothers games.


I don’t know why people are being so hostile, he was complementing fighters.

In any case, button mashers only do well against other button mashers. Button mashers will not do well against a skilled, experience player.


Repped for best post I’ve seen in ages.


Alright I can see that there aren’t very many people that agree with me. None actually.

But no one (except for that 1 3rd strike mention) has produced the name of a fighter that if I have never played before—I have the potential of pwning you just by mashing buttons.

To be fair, I’ve only played SF3 a few times…so I very well may have the capacity to take on anyone (Including seasoned vets) by button mashing. Can’t really say yea or neh with that one…


You should train with StarSlayer, you two will make top 8 and play 50 hours a week.