Is there some kind of advantage to using the Black/Red color schemes?

Or is everybody online 12 years old?

Chicken drumsticks and coleslaw

Nah, they just think the color makes them look badass.

Real men wear pink. [/Dan]

everyone who plays BB picks the damn gothcakes colour schemes. or pink coz it’s the new gothcakes.

This. Except Dan’s alt in gold is strongest.

When you play the volcano level you’re like a ninja, nobody can see you.

Legit tactics IMO

On that note we should probably ban the volcano level from tournies. Or at the very least colour/level character selections. Even the playing field a bit.

I’m sick of people who just whore red all day like they’re some kind of boss.

Pink T. Hawk in HDR is the ultimate icing on the cake. Pink T. Hawk is what breaks controllers.

White Mist is a popular and pleasant alternative to the default Black & Ember forum skin!

White mist since Day 1

I personally enjoy orange Ryu.

What’s so wrong about choosing a color?

Mango Sentinel.

you don’t understand dude it defines you as a person. it is how you express yourself and show the world who you really are. this is where we derive the expression “revealing your true colours”

Holy crap is this where I’m going wrong with Dictator because I’m a firm believer that real men wear pink? (Skirts is also in this option but unfortunately doesn’t fit XD)

Seriously this thread is silly XD

Yellow Ken is where it’s at, far too bright for you!

It’s the only predictable, spammable tactic in fighting games that can’t be punished. If they shoot fire from their hands, I can jump. If they spam uppercuts, I can block. If they pick stupid colors, I get DQ’ed when I slap them.

In BB, Arakune’s blue color on his stage made his clouds invisible :bluu:

As stupid as this thread is I totally see where you’re coming from. Most colours I see online are either the default character one or black, it gets pretty boring after a while

And Purple Dan is the strongest. Colour 5 all day.

What about purple bath robe Ken? I agree though, purple or pink Dan will wreck your shit any day.