Is there some kind of advantage to using the Black/Red color schemes?


Obligatory “red makes it three times faster” comment.


I remember playing Tekken 6 and playing in a dark stage against a Lars who was in mostly black. I couldn’t see any of his moves.


How long did it take people to figure out that Everyone digs Black, White or Red?

I’ve been going Yellow or Brown with Ken, Yellow with Fuerte and green with Fei.


Lots of emo goth anime dudes play that BB.


it makes every character as strong as akuma

true story


Am I the only one that always wants to choose the classic costumes no matter the game


Some Viper picked the Dark Red outfit and picked the Volcano level against me online.

I couldn’t believe that someone would really do that.


Red/black color scheme gives you a boost in health and extra ultra damage…


Sky blue balrog.


So do lots of emo/goth anime gals, some of which I’d 6C into a corner repeatedly if you catch my drift :3

Also, when it comes to BlazBlue it’s all about the Pepto Tager, no other color comes close. (2nd row, 3rd column from the left)


Fuerte’s alt color #9.

I tend to go for the brighter colors. I’m jealous of Dhalsim and Seth because they can change their whole look, not just their clothes. Not that Seth has clothes. Shut up.


This and Fuerte’s alt colour #8 win the thread.


Akuma default+personal action fake fireball+volcano stage vrs red-green color blind


All the 12 year olds I know like bright colors


Meh, these kids got no taste. Nothing beats Yellow-Orange and Blue.


yeah people need an arbitrary option like color choice to send the message that they’re a pretty kewl dude. Thats why I play with Black gi ryu. I’m so edgy and original by choosing it.


If I ever custom color anything I go right for the purple


Real talk, black and red Chun makes me stronger. You should should see how bad I do with other colors.


now it’s all about SRK Snow


No it’s all about…