Is there some reason Tokido doesn't use Akuma's teleport?


I was watching a video of Tokido vs Daigo from Evo 2012, and Tokido didn’t use the teleport, not even once. I figure he could use it to get out of fireball traps…


If you use it too much it becomes easy to look for. You generally want to be able to block some in order to get the other person to sleep on the teleport when you do use it.


Because it’s slow, and very punishable. Also, there’s no real fireball traps that Ryu can consistently use to maintain Akuma. It’s just basic zoning.

Teleport is useful in certain situations, especially wakeups, but there are still ways to counter it both as an option-select and on reaction.


Tokido uses teleport, just not like online players who use it randomly. Just watch how much he used it against Xian in Capcom cup. Also some characters have a much harder time punishing it, and so I figure it would be used more against those.


smart use of escape option. Daigo doesn’t get damage out of wake up games. Why TP out when you’re not in danger ? Worst why TP out of corner when that’s the worse situation to use TP.


The only thing Ryu can really do is a cross up mk, and there’s an unblockable in the corner but that just lets Akuma out for free anyway. No point in Daigo going for either.