Is there something left out?


I just ordered The New Challengers from a local bookstore. Can’t wait. But when I searched online, a lot of descriptions of the book include this sentence:

“This affordably priced 200-page, digest-sized graphic novel collects the main stories from issues #7 to #14 and is a great way for new readers to get up to speed with the current series.”

When it says “main” stories are there some side stories that were only available in the standard comic book? If so, which ones in what issues? I may have to track them down…


Yeah each issues has a backup story, these aren’t in the TPB’s.


Oh…rats. Those are probably a lot of fun…on the Udon website I sometimes see a link to a preview page. Is there a similar sample for backup stories somewhere? Or maybe I just need to bite a bullet or two…


You’ll have to buy or borrow every single issue to read them! It’s hard finding them all too, unless you want to get them online from or
Good luck!


Thanks. Man, sometimes trying to track down all these Street Fighter comics is like hunting the biggest pod of white whales ever…