Is there something to Balrog's jumping punch?

I have a hard time hitting Balrog’s (boxer) jumping attacks with lariat. I practice in training mode and do fine, but against other players it seems like his jumping punching will always hit me through lariat - whether it’s jump straight hp or jump forward hp/hk. Against other characters I can usually get their jumps with a well timed lariat or at least trade.

Boxer is one the characters i have the hardest time against. I just can’t figure out what to do against jump happy players.


Balrog’s jumping Fierce is pretty damn useful against Zangief. When I first started, I got pissed off about it.

Depending on his particular position in the air, you can either trade or knock him out of the air flat with a well-timed crouch lariat. However, if he’s position correctly, he can stuff your lariat easily, so watch out for the subtle differences between what distance he jumps from.

Never forget though, when in doubt: Block.

damn…looks like block is the best thing to do. i just get so eager to get a hit because thats the only time balrog seems someone and not crouch turtling.

Take it to training mode and find out the timing to anti-air Jump-in Fierce and Jump-in Roundhouse. You won’t regret it, because you’re right. In my opinion the Balrog fight is a complete staredown and the person who blinks first and comes forward loses a lot. If you’re lucky enough to have him come at you, it’s imperative you score the knockdown from the trade juggle so you can run some safe offense.

The timing will get there, and also understanding of the hitbox if you spend enough time working on it. Sometimes however, especially with the life lead, and until you learn the timing everyone else’s advice stands. Don’t take the risk.

Like weaponsleft said, its a staredown matchup. So make the most of everything, dont block a jump in that you can score knockdown from.

I notice i always just need to time my lariat completly different, the place where id time lariatting ryus jump fiere, is way to early to take rogs. Alot of the time his Hard punch active hitbox is around your head, making him stuff you, instead of trading. What i notice, is that i offen block instead of Lariat, not because i want to… But because i always hold Back after pressing lariat. So when i press to late il just block instead. <— is a picture on how late you should use the lariar =D