Is there something to make a wireless controller wired?

I need a ps2 to 360 converter, supposedly the best one is the xconverter by joytron but it requires a wired controller to program the buttons and the problem is I only have wireless controllers and don’t want to buy another controller that is wired for twenty dollars, so is there a cheap little piece of technology to make a wireless controller a wired one?

Have you looked into using this instead?

Does not require a wired controller.

ya I’ve seen those but I can’t find one for less than $30, though I guess its not really that bad considering it converts ps2 and ps3 to 360.

This place sells them for cheap. Got mine shipped to me for under $20.

Just know that it can take several days before this site will let you activate your account and it will probably take over a month to get to you.

you could get this. Xbox 360 Rock Band Portable Drum Kit: Video Games

^I use this. Its nice because its acts as a fully functional wired controller but is about the size of a NES controller. I found the whole drum kit for $7 shipped on ebay and just chunked the drum pads, pedal, and sticks in my closet.

this is it with a converter on the bottom