Is there something wrong with this artwork?

is there any imperfection? maybe you got better eyes than me xD i made it this morning …

No link to a bigger resolution?

Kind of hard to notice anything to pick out since that’s the only size available.

From this view though, it looks aight by me.

I PUT W.I.P cause it’s a work in progress :slight_smile: :chat:

Okay, like you said it’s morning, and my eyes are giving out on me.

But it looks like you cleaned up the images pretty well. I see no ‘white parts that you forgot to erase’ or anything. The outlines of the characters though seem to have small jaggies, but maybe it’s because of the rescale you did to it.

And it’s still a W.I.P. so I dunno what you plan on adding to it. Maybe zazz up the background a little bit more.

But then again, what is zazz?

zazz up? O_O
what does it meaning? ^^;