Is there still a big online community playing this game?

I used to have an XBox 360 along with this game, which i put quite a bit of time into. Back then there were a decent amount of users online playing the game…but that was 2 to 3 years ago. Had to sell my 360, but have recently purchase a PS3 and was thinking about buying HDR. Just wondering if anyone plays this game online anymore at all or if it’s pretty much dead. Specifically on PSN. Thanks.

While the PSN version has a couple of things going against it, it does have a small but very dedicated player base with good players on pretty much every night. It is definitely worth getting if you enjoyed it before, there are still plenty of people to play. Honestly, now that the number of players on both 360 and PSN have gone down, I actually find it easier on most nights to get good matches going on PSN than XBL.

If you do get it you can send me a friend request, PSN id madpossum. I’m on a lot late at night and weekends, I’m usually able to get a room of good players going when I’m on.

Ok, am going to download it tonight, I will add you. I am probably EXTREMELY rusty though, and I’m having to use the PS3 controller, so bear with me. lol

Add me, i don’t play that often on psn anymore and i only play classic mode, if you don’t mind, we can play in that mode, my PSN id is the same as my name here. I’ll be online today at night, 10:00 pm CST.

Add me. PSN id same as my handle. I only play Classic mode though.

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I used to play HDR a lot back in the day, then I got the YLOD, now I use the PS3 controller to play games in the PC, thanks PS3 for giving me a good controller to play the classics :slight_smile:

idk… i pressed the post reply button then took 100 years to refresh the site(i’m using a proxy, srk is banned here at work lol) at that time i thought “fuck this shit, ima press back button and reply again”.

On Xbox Live there’s a very small but dedicated group of players. I can usually find ~10 people on, especially on the weekends.

I have the same question as the OP - I would like to get the HDR for psn, but there still people playing it ? I don’t need a huge crowd, just to have somebody to play with.

And another question - I have a regular stick (cheap one, came with Tekken 6) for ps3 - will it work for the HDR ? (I use it to play sf4).

It’s pretty much the same story. Small, but dedicated communities for PSN, and a smaller one for XBL. According to a lot of players, XBL servers for HDR seem to be running worse than before.

Just get in contact with guys like Mad Possum and he’ll lead you to the existing community that still plays on a regular basis on PSN. And yes, the stick that you use on ps3 will work fine for HDR.