Is there still a lot of people who still play skullgirl

I played the demo the other day and considered purchasing it and I was wondering is… The netcode good? Do they still have a lot of people playing online? I might have other if they come down the line

It depends on what you mean by having “a lot” of people playing online - you’re obviously not going to have similar numbers to USFIV, but there is still a decent-sized active community, especially if you live in the US. The netcode is GGPO, which many people consider to be the best out there, and as with most of the smaller games, most people in the community are pretty helpful as well.

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Lol OK I didn’t mean like usf4 but it good to people still play it I might pick it up sometimes in the future and ill be gladly to vist your forms

There’s always people playing, and those who get top places at tournaments you can usually find them online as well.

I personally quit because Mike Z was patching the game way to frequently, and in my opinion, didn’t let it grow.

That could have changed now but just letting you know, if you don’t mind frequent patching then go for it. It’s a fun game.

Ah that suck…btw I notice their a lot of options to buy characters can you not unlock them in game

The DLC characters are free for three months then they cost some $, but I believe only Eliza is still free at the moment.

That stupid… Kinda make the game lose value then

DLC characters are free for the first 3 months as a reward to the people who backed them on Indiegogo.

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OK so who come with the game

I think you get Eliza for free atm. Soon they will release Boewulf for free, and then Robo-fortune. You’ll have to buy Big Band and Squigly, or you can play them on the beta if you get the PC game(I think).

Actually I don’t know if Eliza is still free.

These guys

Right now the game should come with Filia, Cerebella, Parasoul, Peacock, Double, Fortune, Valentine, Fukua and Painwheel. 9/12 available characters

If you do get it, I would definitely refrain from buying any dlc right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if they put them all together into a cheaper bundle after they release Robo-Fortune.

Yea I understand it a decent roster I just wanna make sure peacock was playable

I didn’t back shit and still got 2 of the DLC characters.

I never said you had to be a backer to get the stuff for free didn’t I.

Making them free for 3 months was just Lab Zero’s way of rewarding people.

What a nice bunch of people. Wish I could play the game :frowning:

for those who got a steam key from indiegogo campaign squiggly is free. Eliza and bigband too. More than 3 months have passed

Eliza stopped being free in January iirc.

and to answer OP’s topic, it depends on the console. The game is pretty dead on 360, not sure on PS3 and PC is where most the players are

ugh really damn…ok that fine ill make used for what i have