Is there still any way to use Magneto's alternate?



Does the glitch thing that people used to use still work?


Nope. Gone. It’s there. But it’s gone.


there is a way to glitch it if you didnt patch your game, but I dont know how its done.
Anyone remembers?


You’d have to not download the update patch because they patched it out, but here is how it’s done:


I can still do mine because I never got the patch. #FuckOnline


online is so ass that I took a costume over it and it wasn’t a hard choice


that patch actually had a good amount of gameplay adjustments in it too the main ones being the flamethrower buff to Chris, anytime throw tech removed, and blocking while falling from airdashes and at least a dozen more


the throw tech was removed way before that, the very last patch only removed the costume select glitch if I remember correctly.