Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so


Another victim of the replies cap, here’s the new Dragon Ball thread.

Discuss at will


Goku vs Krillin still the GOAT fight.


Super or DB?


Super by far.

Super or DBZ?


So, given the wish made at the end of Super, wouldn’t that mean that Goku Black is back too?


Yup, Krillin held his own VS Goku Blue


I still say that farmer with shotgun in mastered ultra instinct form would have wiped the floor with Jirien.


Anyone else think we’re due for some more Movie news?


One thing id like super to introduce is transformations for humans. feels that if your not a saiyan then your support cast. we know that namekians can transform through abilities (being giant), frieza just invented his own form after years of mental training and then a little bit of normal training, and king kai created the king kai fist (which none of the other characters other than goku decided to try and learn… ever)


Just finished the Greatest Royal Rumble.

Fun fact: All 4 members of The Wyatt Family either won and/or retained their titles!!!

EDIT: Wrong thread. GRR could rival ToP!!!


Not enough Ohhohohohohohohohohoho in GRR.


why is there a reply cap?

also why didnt jiren win

also why does my life feel so empty now that i dont have new super eps to look forward to every saturday night



Easy listening


I actually like it better in the dub


I would guess no, but that’s only until the writers notice it could work and change it as new arc idea.


Jiren didn’t win because the final 4 was basically Royal Rumble 1992 when Flair (#17) won. Nobody expected this to happen…


DragonBalll Heros anime coming


That is unfortunate


Hey guys the first episode of MasakoX’s Dragon Ball fan series based on his “What If Raditz Turned Good” videos is up.


Anyone still reading DBS manga? Chapter 36 is available. And imo the TOP isn’t enjoyable so far… I don’t expect the rest to make it good now that there’s too much people out already.
Toyotaro is also involved in some drama regarding his drawing. Apparently copying a Captain America one.