Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so


Errr it wouldnt be the end of the U7 journey.

Whis said, in the first tourney vs U6 that even he and beerus havent explored all of U7 and maybe stronger dudes are doing stuff in their own corner.

As far as UI vs GoD power…well we kinda have the indirect scale where UI not powered down is somewhat stronger than Jiren who has been said to be stronger than belmod. (And in the manga belmod was no slouch in the GoD Battle Royale).


Could Jiren be the most strongest/powerful in the multiverse???

She-Ra (1980s) reminds me of Universe 2!!!

Will the December movie finally have Buu and Freeza meet as being canon???


toyotaro has Roshi fighting Jiren… And Roshi dodges everything…

why do i even bother



Or does Sandra have a twin not formerly abstaining from taking a bollocks bullet in the name of Scientology?



As much as I want to finally see that episode, fuck TFS for taking so long to release their last episode. yeah yeah, I know that I haven’t paid for them bla bla bla. But its been over a year since their last release and honestly they haven’t earned the the respect or forgiveness to get away with shit like this. Kentaro Miura for Berserk? Fine. But these hacks? Not a chance.


Get bent fam. Toei and Shuiesha have been copyright striking people left and right.


Muira hasn’t earned it either, fuck that idol master playing dip shit. The TFS guys have actually been working, doing legit dub work in the industry and getting paid. Miura’s just sitting at home jerking off to digital idols.


It’s been 8 months since they released Plan to Eradicate Christmas.



Yeah…it was definitely worth the wait.



Someone wrote:

“Is there any scenes with Cell and Beerus? Cause I wanna see Cell try to roast the God of Destruction, and Beerus making him pay for his insolence.”

Cell and Beerus scene(s) would be good…

One who thinks he’s a perfect being

One who knows he’s a perfect being

also, a DB fan girl:


They streamed part 2 of Episode 60, it was awesome of course. It supposed to hit Youtube in a half hour.



Can’t wait for the finale. If its as great as these last episodes have been then this going to be amazing. Crazy how far these guys have come from the first episode.


The voice actress for Gohan is pretty fantastic. That last “HA!” and the anguished yell when Goku took Cell gave me goosebumps.


That’s MasakoX. Same guy who voices Goku


But Masako! Part 3 hasn’t been released yet. UNSUBSCRIBE!!! :wink:


Part 3 This Friday…