Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so


I hope have power then…


Bout to get bodied by the hurricane too eh?


Yeah, unfortunately. You stay safe man.


I can only hope that maaaaybe it isn’t a cat 4 by the time it hits if it hits us? I discovered recently this year that my neighborhood doesn’t take kindly to sudden water…so I’m a bit worried

And this was just from a really fast thunderstorm so I don’t even know what’s about to go down this fri


DBZA confirmed to NOT be ending. The episode up later


Season 4 details: Episodes will be released in batches. Think 1 per week for like 5 weeks. Movies and specials will also be a normal schedule. Episodes will be shorter.



Yeah but season 4 could be in a very loooooooong time.

Kaiser will do some other projects before as he said.

And, while TFS seem pretty genuine…they could also not be ready to part from that dbz Abridged patreon money that would be lost if they said “well it was a glorious ride and now it’s over.” (Cuz, i dont know about you guys, but i dont think people are mainly hyped about their let’s play and their anime review).

Maybe they thought that at this point they’d have become a legit anime dubbing company…wich might be hard while being blacklisted by toei japan :confused: (dumbfucks at toei shoulda hired TFS around season 1-2, paid them minimum wage and have DBZ A be some kind of blu-ray bonus) like in 2 years they did 1 anime movie dub
So it seem like very limited non-donation based income.

Anyway, i wish them the best. Season 4 will come out before 2021 i hope.
This whole ep 60 has been, as they said, a big fat love letter to dragon ball ^^


TFS is god like man. Point blank. Period.


Word. Everything about their production is master class, from top to bottom. It’s insane how they took a parody and elevated it to true art.

I can’t wait patiently for Season 4 after this amazing run…


For anyone interested MasakoX released part 2 of his DB series.


When’s the Swol-y movie?


Well…They gotta do Bojack first and then probably they have to at least get to the point where Videl gets taught in the Buu Saga before getting to the second broly movie.

Edit: oh wait you’re talking about the real movie. my bad.


December in Japan, January in the US


While we’re on the subject of TFS though: Since Cell is a tall, evil, insect, android, did Team Four Star ever call him a Big Bad Beetle Borg?


I don’t think so. Either way Ep 60 was fun especially the Krillen/18 parts.


Yeah that was pretty hilarious. Along with Cell breaking out in song.


Tripod Krillin :rofl:


There was no other way it could have ended. Cell has been musically inclined this whole series and has sung or at least hummed all of these.

Mr Sandman by Pat Ballard
His own theme
“P is for Priceless”
The Barber of Seville by Gioachino Rossini
Suddenly by Billy Ocean
My Way by Frank Sinatra
Escape from the City from Sonic Adventure 2
Wannabe by the Spice Girls
And some more I might be forgetting.

Hell of an exit and I will deeply miss this character as the series moves forward.


It was heartwarming that gohan finally ate that horse.


easily one of the biggest reasons for dragon balls revival.