Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so


January 16th to be exact.


17 finally being released on DBFZ


Freeza stayed a little too long in the tanning bed…


how could you not love this fucking movie. Only thing I kinda feel nitpicky about is that they trying to retcon Vegeta’s birth to match Kakarot/Broly. Prince ain’t got no business among legends


It looks like it’s following Dragon Ball Minus. So Vegeta and Raditz will be off world when Kakarot and Broly are born.


The salt for those retcons is gonna be huge. Especially for adapting DB Minus.


Dafuq is DB Minus


Spin off Manga in which Toriyama remade The Bardock special in one issue.


Which basically turned him from Bardock into Jor-El. Cuz that was needed


Also wasn’t Vegeta supposed to be slightly older than Goku/Broly? He was already a little boy when baby Goku was shot into space.


I don’t think the trailer is all in the same back-to-back time frame.

Were I to guess, the shot of Vegeta is when the planet was enslaved, while the others are later, closer to Planet Vegeta’s destruction


shame cause those DBZ OVAs were the fucking truth (Gohan/Trunks future and Bardock). Not even talking action/animation wise necessarily but plot and execution, something DBZ wasn’t exactly known for


Toriyama’s take on the Bardock special that’s only redeemable feature is Gine. It ruins Bardock’s character and he doesn’t get his epic battle through Freeza’s army before dying in a direct face off with Freeza.


Toriyama loves superman


Will Coola be in it…




Thank you English Version…


dubs in 2018…


I wish they stopped giving out UI to everyone now ;______;