Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so


I will give them credit for doing it but you still got to win the damn game.


When you realize that the special theatrical screenings with the Bardock and Broly movies next month are just Funi’s way of telling you to kiss them good bye before they get struck into obscurity. Lol


Saw the Broly one, was pretty weird since it was just the movie and then like a 30 second clip of a con with some dude talking about his DB skate decks before ending…

Since it’s japanese audio will get to hear one of the GOAT themes on the big screen…


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It shows Whis/Whiz losing to Broly!!!


no it didnt. not one scene showed whis getting hit or throwing hands.


Jion_Wansu is a professional at jumping to a conclusion, and then running with it.


Pay no mind to Jion. He’s fucking stupid


remember what they say…

…don’t feed…


We all know Ultra Instinct is gonna kick in at the end to save the day.




Real Spoilers

There is evidence pointing to Gogeta being the Deus Ex Machina du jour. There’s been activity around the old Broly, Bardock, and Fusion Reborn movies, and they’re bringing in a new Gogeta in Xenoverse 2.


Rumor the manga is gettin new material which should end the ToP arc and start the new arc this month


The manga is terrible. I used to like reading the manga. Toyotaro needs to stick to art.


The Manga has been doing its own thing with the ToP arc, it will be interesting when animated DBS or whatever comes back if it adapts the material or skips it.


I’d imagine when the anime comes back it’ll adapt the manga arc but in its own way, hopefully for the better


?? did the roles switch up? i just bought the first trade and it shows toriyama was writing.


Toriyama was on early on but gave way to a new guy who has been handling the manga. I mean Toriyama is pretty old, he really can’t nor should try keeping up with a Manga schedule even in terms of just scripting.


Toriyama wrote an outline of the Super plot. The anime writers and manga writers are left to fill in the details. Anything not in his outline is run by Toriyama. Toyotaro, the Dragonball AF guy, is in charge of the manga. His art is exceptional but his story telling is ass. The anime is hardly perfect but given that the manga is behind, Toyotaro has the opportunity to address fan complaints. Instead he seems to change things for no rhyme or reason. Things have gotten worse since the anime ended. His rushing through the story and introducing BS like Roshi dodging Jiren’s attacks.


i noticed even in book 1 there were some odd choices in terms of storytelling. the art is good, but i dunno, something about the way he draws fight scenes…its almost too detailed. so many panels for 1 scene seemed way too much. but overall i really enjoyed it