Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so


His fights are really well done. They are usually better than the anime. I just wish someone else handled the story.



This makes me wonder if Chelye is going be Broli’s waifu. She seems sympathetic to him in the last trailer. She’s in the Freeza Force so you’d think she’d be strong willed. The big question is will Zamasu and Bulma approve of their daughter dating such a savage ningen :wink:


Broly bout to tap that and create a new broken mixed breed Saiyan. Possibly with more potential than the human/saiyan hybrid


I’m diggin that brief synopsis I read of the new manga arc. Nice to see ??? gettin involved in the story again. His last two big appearances were some of my faves


Latest chapter was released on viz, and gives some hints to the next arc.


New footage and its spoiler heavy


Japan gives zero fucks about spoilers.


Straight up avoiding anything DB Super until the movie is out…


Avoid YouTube


Too late :sweat:


A damn fb page spoiled it for me, ive pretty much seen the whole movie at this point (and its mostly my fault due to lack of willpower)


spoiled, not spoiled, I’ll still watch it!!!


Don’t visit Eventhubs until the movie releases. Some jackass posted an article with a MAJOR spoiler about the movie.



Oolong knowledge…




Not a bad countdown so far. Also opinions folks not the DEF list for any DBZ fan.


This one seems lax…