Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so


I think they just wanted to give the fans something to ride them over for the next 8 months lmfao.

In other news…my wife got me these.

And of course I need something to go with them.


I mean, it’s an episode with Trunks without anyone else for him to work off of. There wasn’t much potential in it to be really funny. Both Cell and the Androids can be funny, but they aren’t supposed to be the ones who would get any lines


Like I mentioned on your fb: those vegeta kicks are fresh. Kudos to the wifey for supporting your weeb tendencies


soooo my boy let me know im going to the nyc red carpet premiere of the broly movie.


You better have hit him with this fam.


if you going to nyc, you might as well head over to next level arcade to get bodied for free in your game of choice.


So I just happened to be listening to music from ReBoot and I heard this.

I instantly recognized something.

Dunno if that’s old news. I searched and couldn’t find anything on it.


Lol that first one reminds me a bit of this


let me know when I can watch the movie with subs and HD. Not watching shitty cam footage


That’ll be when the blu ray version releases. Which will probably be at least after the last country gets their hands on the theatrical release being France in March 13th.


Just got out of the NYC premiere. The fight scenes are insane


better than broly movie


Somehow Super Dragon Ball Heroes has finally managed to be interesting with the Universal Conflict Saga


there is a new cam footage on youtube lol that looks much better. Still gonna resist tho… just letting you guys know if interested


I got my ticket already…planning to go this coming weekend


Yeah I got my ticket for this Wednesday.


Seeing it next Monday. I would see it this up coming week on my days off but I’ll be out of town the entire 3 days I have off so I won’t get a chance.


i really wish there was a subbed version at the theatres…


I’m surprised Toei hasn’t caught it yet. Someone put the whole movie, in Spanish, up on YouTube. Given how Toei goes after TFS for no reason, you’d think they’d be on people that are legitimately breaking copyright laws like white on rice.


Depending on the country where the video is uploaded determines Toei’s legal rights and only if Toei remembered to register their copyright in that country. Copyright isnt global, it changes from nation to nation