Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so



Yeah I was thinking the same thing. When she was leaning over looking out the I could hear all kinds of comments. That shit was funny. Never change Japan.


I know it’s a super duper reach and it’s just personal. But the whole slavery angle was pushed more that makes those online jokes as bout saiyans being black people a bit more. This movie kinda strengthened some of those ideas alot more. I get prob no one else thinks this way in here.


I always thought the whole Freeza saga was some type of allegory or metaphor for slavery tbh, even tho Toriyama probably feels DB ain’t that deep a story.

Freeza pretty much an intergalactic Hitler who enslaved entire planets and profited from their work and suffering then wiped them out because he feared and considered them inferior


why throwing the word Hitler there when that is something not just exclusive to Nazis? Have you checked Spanish or British history?


For me its the warrior race aspect that hits home alot. That slave owners feared us the most because we were stronger and more. We had a whole civilization that they took over in alot of aspects, not necessarily destroyed but took it over.

Frieza just feels alot like a slave owner, his constant fear of them.


The first 30 minutes or so of buidling up the Saiyajin back story and world was pretty cool. Also the Nappa/Raditz/Vegeta part was pretty cool too.


I like the idea vegeta and radditz were homies. Basically created years of new fan comics with chibi saiyans


No one else is going to mention the shade Vegeta gave Tarble :rofl:


I guess saiyans arent supposed to give a fuck about each other personally. Bardock was apparently an oddball for caring about his kid.

Also goku telling broly he could call him kakarott got a big gasp at my theater.


It is the first time that Goku has ever told anyone to call him Kakarot


Seems like a bit of vegetas pride has rubbed off on goku.


Honestly, Vegeta constantly roasting Goku was a highlight of the movie.


Team Vegeta. Best Dad. Best Saiyan.

Runner up for best father would be Piccolo. :wink:



Team Vegeta for sure!


My theater was cheering for vegeta when he was putting hands on broly.

Also i like how they snuck gt in there low key by giving brolys base the power of oozaru


I would like a explainer on how Vegeta got SG mode and does it amp any power lvl on him? Either way Vegeta roasting Goku was for some of the dumb stuff he says was a highlight.


I dont think we’re gonna get one for a while since the next arc isnt very fighting oriented atm



Movie was fucking fire. Probably the most cinematic and dramatic representation of DB ever made. Humor and action were both on point. Also. It took over two decades and 4 movies, but Broly actually has character now. Gonna try to see it again tomorrow.