Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so


Yeah I’m seriously considering another viewing too. This movie is Dragon Ball perfection.


I’ve seen it twice. Been completely satisfied both times.


Seeing it on Monday. The only 4pm showing they have of it. Every other showing is at 7pm or later and I don’t want to be out that late. I’m an old man.


Is it me or did Vegeta didn’t get his ass kicked as how it usually goes. Like sure Broly was getting stronger but it’s not like he was getting an ass whooping yet Goku got the beatdown of his life.


I checked my local theatre, all showtimes have been sold out …


Thankfully I don’t have this issue. I live in a small town that pretty much entirely retirees. I doubt any of them are DBZ fans. Lol


I went to the 7pm showing last night in my area. It was weird because the parking lot at the theater was mostly empty with maybe only like a fraction of parking space used. But every single person was there for DB. The auditorium was super packed when I walked in. If I had gotten there like 5 minutes later I wouldn’t have been able to sit with my friends. Lol

I remember a group of like 10 people got there right as the movie started and they awkwardly stood around for the first 20 minutes of the movie while they figured out where to sit.


That was a big selling point by the creators. Almost every head person going into this said that. Shit vegeta kinda just let goku tag in…goku 100% got his ass kicked…vegeta not really.


Vegeta been having alot of wins or atleast solid showings lately. Hell, one day he might even defeat the main villain of an arc. Not quite the punching bag he usually is, which is great honestly


Though he wasn’t technically a main villain but st the same time was at the time Vegeta demolishing 19 while everyone watched on shock and awe was probably where he peaked.

That whole “fight” was amazing. Vegeta was ruthless.

Him fucking up PuiPui was cool too but like…man…him taking out 19 is legendary.


I liked Vegeta/Roshi vs Frost/Magetta and Vegeta vs Toppo. Also had a respectable showing against Jiren.

Vegeta has came a way from utter jobber status he used to be. He gets bodied alot less


Vegeta vs Hit gotta be one of my favorite matches in DBS. He got his ass destroyed


Looking to try to grab another viewing before i head out for a work trip next week but man yeah i’m so hitting it up again. Good time to be a Dragon ball fan!


Probably. I couldn’t watch dbs. It was super boring to me. I watched it from the beginning though so I drudged through Battle of the Gods and resurrection of F. I know those are skippable in hindsight but I was going in blind and it fucking bored me to tears

I could probably start watching it again and skip those entire two arcs but I just don’t have it in me. I’ll probably just watch the fights on the YouTube.


Just watch the Trunks Arc and the Tournament of Power


Universe 6 arc was good too. Honesty, anything after the RoF arc is decent to good. Not perfect, but very watchable


Yeah, you are right. U6 Arc, Trunks Arc, and ToP Arc. The first two arcs were a waste of time.


It was great. Vegeta slowly getting more developed as a co-main. I mean, he beat the shit out of Frieza (before Frieza kamikaze’d the planet), owned Goku Black, had a father-son beam with Future Trunks, became best dad, beat Toppo and now the Broly movie he actually shined.


Vegeta fans should love Super. Goku is the one that takes all the Ls. Has Goku even beaten the big bad of an arc in Super?


Jiren I guess