Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so


Jiren. Cant remember but i think he had the edge on Hit too,


Nope. Jiren was a team effort. He and Frieza pushed Jiren out eliminating themselves. Leaving 17 as the victor of the tournament.


Nope. Goku eliminated himself. He felt Hit was unfairly constrained by the rules of the tournament and that Hit would have beaten him in a straight up fight. Hit then eliminates himself against Monaka.

Edit: Dragon Ball Super: Broly is making bank. All the showings I saw were mostly sold out. Even the 10:30am ones. I ended up taking less than optimal seats because I didn’t want to end up with even worse ones while looking at other showings.


You are forgetting Hit vs Vegeta


No I’m not. You are forgetting that Vegeta fought multiple opponents before getting to Hit. In addition, Hit literally kills Goku after the U6 arc.


Goku beat Jiren, he even submitted but UI time constraints didnt allow him to throw Jiren out. Goku pretty much beat him tho straight up.


Which isn’t victory. I was winning until I got tired isn’t a win.


Jiren was literally on his knees accepting defeat, even he admitted it.


none of those were opponents Goku couldn’t beat. Frost “won” on a forbidden thing, that’s how Goku got reinstated. Also, the one that mattered -Hit- didn’t get touched by Vegeta. It took Goku to at least have a chance


I agree with Darc on the Hit part tho, Goku wouldve got fucked up if Hit was allowed to kill in that tournament. Time Cage or that heart stopping technique wouldve killed Goku easily back then


Just got back from my second viewing of Broly. It’s just as good as the first time. Was able to sit there and really appreciate the animation this time. It’s the most beautiful DB has ever looked. A lot of the camerawork was insane during the battles. One of my favorite shots is the Broly POV shot as he is fighting Goku inside of a glacier. No still shots with machine gun fist animations here. Every moment of every fight is unique and is just pure adrenaline. I just might go see it a third time if I get the chance.


I didnt notice they did a POV shot til the second time


I just came from my first viewing and sweet jesus…what a fucking rush. I want to watch the movie again right now! I missed out on a small section of the beginning unfortunatwly but I was able to piece together what happened throughout the movie. That POV shot you guys were talking about was amazing! Everything was better than I could have imagined. I’m buying the shit out that blu-ray whenever it releases.

Frieza was being the perfect dick in this movie. I’m quite curious to see what happens after this movie now.

Edit: Also seeing this movie with a bunch of dragon ball fans made this movie that much more enjoyable. That fucking Whis tease got people hype lol.


Yeah I saw it for a second time earlier. Theatre was still full to the gills. I wasn’t surprised though. Finding tickets was a pain in the ass. They need to give this movie a wide release. They are leaving money on the table.


Just saw it. The movie was a love letter to fans. My only complaint was the pacing. Shit got real a lot sooner than I expected. Still this is a easy 9/10 for me.


Well Toriyama’s screen play was 3 hours. The movie was an hour an 40 minutes. I have a feeling the stuff from the past took the heavy hit. There is clearly more stuff that went on with Bardock than we saw.


The fact that I took my wife with me and she actually said she enjoyed herself despite barely having paid attention a ton of Dragonball or going out of her way to watch it is probably a testament to how good and captivating this movie could be. She actually was asking me questions here and there about the show and though I know this isn’t going to make her fully interested in it, this movie seemed to give her an idea of why people love this series.


I want to buy all the DBS episodes on Blu Ray, is there a collection or certain releases I should buy?


Hope we get a Toriyama cut on BluRay. I’d love to see all the Planet Vegeta shit that got cut


I wonder how much of an outlier bardock is. Seems like hes the weirdo on the planet.

Also shout out to the random nigga with the I’ll saiyan line up