Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so


This made me giggle…


So due to some family issues I’m not going to be able to see DBS: Broly tomorrow or anytime in the near future. Kinda bummed. I’ll just wait for it to come out on digital and blu-Ray I guess…



Shit yeah. I’ll be able to see DBS: Broly on Saturday.

Edit: iTunes has every DBZ movie in subbed and dubbed format. Which do I choose? :thinking:


Man this movie has already made more domestically than BoG and RF combined. Hopefully this means it will be getting an encore screening.


So interesting theory I was thinking about.

Do you think 1. Goku is tapping more and more into his saiyan side, also 2. Do you think if true could potentially make him a threat or evil?

It seems hes become more and more reckless in his want for challenges or power. After cell saga he thought everyone was coming to earth after him and so he stayed dead to not risk it. But tournament of power he put the whole universe in danger to get stronger or challenges and was pretty non-chalant about the whole thing.

It seems like he may be tapping more and more into his blood whereas vegeta has become more human. Most recently in the super manga vegeta has become protective of nameks…hes remorseful about his past misdeeds and wants to make up for it.

But another fact for goku is he always hated his saiyan name. But specifically told broly to call him kakarott.

What do yall think?


I think you’re looking way too much into it. Goku and dbz as a whole ain’t that deep or complex


It is and it isnt. Clearly something is being planned and the whole kakarott thing is def a significant character change for goku. Hes always been against that name, they made that a thing and time change it implies something.


Just came back from watchin, definitely best DB movir by far. The Planet Vegeta portion was my favorite part.

That shit made me want a prequel spinoff about the Saiyans before/during Freeza’s reign. Toriyama still got what it takes to tell good stories


Saw Dragonball Super: Broly, in theaters tonight. Pretty damn good. It DELIVERED in the fights.

Only one gripe…

Broly’s threat felt neutered somewhat. Much more sympathetic character this time around, which i guess is a nice twist and original. Also he didn’t fully Transform into the Broly we know, till near the end of the fight.

But yeah, just when you thought it was safe to leave Broly behind and tell the dickriders to STFU. That Broly couldn’t possibly compete with Goku & Vegeta at their current level. Now they make THIS, and thus kicks off a whole new generation of Broly cockriders. And they’re going to ride it as HARD as they ever did. We’ll never hear the end of it.


I was actually thinking about this. If Goku is based on Son Wukong and he ultimately rebelled against the Gods maybe some of the gods in Super will find him as a threat in a future arc. I don’t think he’ll do a heel turn but that his actions might trigger like an ultimate big bad or something.


I like how the movie firmly establishes that [??? are still near the top of the food chain by having “that happen” Goku and co. still got a ways to go, its levels to this shit


content bro.


Forgot how to spoiler, but fixed it best i could


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Haha! Someone sent me this. Funniest thing i’ve seen all day (which isn’t saying much because i just woke up but still).

“Like, f’ you dude”


Sabat reads various game quotes


Toei denies more DB Super is being made

The way they worded the denial makes it seem like nothing is just in the works for right now.


Yes, never once did he have green hair!!!


They are in production. Too many trustworthy DB sources out there saying others wise. From what I’ve heard the new episodes have been in preproduction since October.


What sources are those? Dont get me excited for nothing