Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so


Geekdom101. When it comes to DB News, he’s the most reliable person there is. He doesn’t say something is happening unless it’s happening.


is broly’s hair green or not. i’m serious. i got into this debate months ago and it never got resolved.
this needs confirmation from toriyama himself.
why does this nigga keep appearing in dbz games with green hair? like fuck! shit is confusing.


Are you color blind or something?

What I didn’t like about DBS Broly is that sometimes the animation quality would take a dip sometimes, making some characters look derpity in some scenes.


Couldn’t have been that bad. I mean…


?? Not really. Everything was pretty high quality. Derpy def not


Fanbase speaks…


Debate? His hair is green in his full power transformation. That holds true for classic and new Broly.


people keep telling me his hair is gold but his aura is green.



They are confusing SSJ Broly with LSSJ/SSJ Bezerk Broly. Broly can use the standard gold haired Super Saiyan transformation. When he goes into his LSSJ/Super Saiyan Berzerk form, his hair turns lime green.


The movie was hype as fuck, a love letter to DB fans. And in the end I liked Bardock sending Goku to earth, the scene was beautiful.


My thanks to Bulma and Zamasu for Cheelai.


Lmfao you mean where they retconned the fuck outta everyone to be borderline superman?


Its kinda cool seeing how non-combatant Saiyans had a place in that society back then. I’d for some reason assumed all the weak ones were killed or sent off as infants,


Yeah seems they are all assigned roles at a young age. Kinda sucky since it seems your stuck in your role.


Honestly, and this is fitting, it reminds me of Kryptonian society.


I can see that…but it’s also so very Asian.


There needs to be a spinoff series based on Planet Vegeta, lot of good stories could be told about that era. The flashback was the best part of the movie IMO

You don’t even have to stick with one main character, u can base each arc on someone else. One for Bardock, King Vegeta, Raditz or even Freeza. Endless possibilities


It was already the case back then anyway, it never bothered me. I was more worried about Bardock’s fight with Freeza’s soldiers being retconned


Didnt bardock go ssj? This whole movie was the most retcon of retcons. Basically went full DC comics on us


SSJ Bardock was never really at thing. The movie it happened in was basically another Toei 'elseworlds" story.