Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so


Frieza’s planet-destroying blast actually sending Bardock back in time was all sorts of WTF


People claimed that movie was canon…one of those “we arent sure” movies.

They been doin major continuity cleanup in super


That Super Saiyan Bardock movie isn’t canon thankfully, I think the one who wrote it said it’s what if story.


None of the movies are canon except for Battle of the Gods, Resurrection of F and now Broly, though? It’s always been that way.

Some of them I really wish were canon though.


Bardock was in the fence because it was a origin story and retcon. Like alot of dragon ball universe toei rarely actually puts a stamp on something being canon. They’ve only become really good at connecting to the community since super started.


I doubt canon in DB will ever make any sense. Lol.

DB be running on that Pre-Disney Star Wars canon.


I just took it in the same vein as History of Trunks. A part of the time line that never was.


In the theater right now waiting on Broly to start (which is in about 5 minutes). Surprisingly I’m literally the only one in the theater.


That’s strange. I was elbow to elbow with people the two times I saw it.


Accurate lmfao


Yeah. I was literally the only one in the theater to watch it.

I just got out from it.

Uh, it wasn’t bad. It was good I just didn’t think it was great or amazing. I don’t think it lived up to the hype at all. Seeing little baby Raditz was cool though.

Oh, The fact Gogeta is finally canon is fucking insane to me. The one decent thing from GT is finally canon.

Cheelai was my favorite character in the movie

She wanted that broly D something fierce.

I still think Tree of Might and/or Worlds Strongest are the best dragon ball universe movies.


You could almost audibly hear Cheelai’s panties getting wet when Broly charged in to save her, Lemo, and Paragus from the giant spider.


Which means we need another threat to threaten the DBZ/DBS universe as part of canon…

Maybe Coola (Cooler) is not dead and is hatching a plan to take over the Freeza Force and destroy Freeza…

Coola VS Freeza FTW.


Fuck no. That’d be ridiculously stupid.

Also I agree with @Lantis there were some times where the quality in animation did dip and when it did it looked really silly. Also when they used cgi is looked bad


Sucks that you were alone. The whole room screaming when something cool happened made the movie way better for me somehow, like when Gogeta did the Janemba finisher attack or the last Kamehameha and everyone went along.

There’s already a new powerful foe in the manga. We don’t know how strong he is yet though, should have an idea by next chapter.


I honestly didn’t mind. I fucking hate crowds like that. Like, I’m all for enjoying the movie and living in the moment but 9/10 times it’s just fucking obnoxious.

I don’t need or want to hear mother fuckers thinking they’re powering up along with Goku and Vegeta or screaming Kamehameha like they’re giving goku energy.

I remember going to the midnight premier of the first Avengers and the crowd absolutely fucking ruined it for me. So loud and obnoxious. I told myself I’d never go to a midnight premier of a movie of that caliber again.


After that movie, I fully understand and recommend they have a year hiatus or something before a new TV anime. The fight spectacle in this movie isn’t something you want compared to generic TV anime.

Great movie and the success is well deserved although those that were following the dubbed anime on TV got hit with spoilers for the story of they were just following the dub.


Hey that also reminds me that the room where I watched the movie was also alone. Kinda have to let the hype die down a bit and you can enjoy yourself to your heart’s content, feet atop the front chairs and all that good shit.

And I believe Gogeta made his debut in that Janemba movie? He didn’t come from GT, that’s for damn sure.


right. So he did. I totally forgot about the Janemba movie and the antics that were fat gogeta.


Fair enough, I personally enjoyed the noisy room since it’s Dragon Ball and I cant keep silent while watching these fights. I can’t wait for the official theatre release, I’d love to see it again with French dub. The original voices were incredible as always, Goku getting destroyed by Broly coupled with Nozawa’s screams made everyone gasp in the room. Or Gine screaming Kakarotto… hopefully the dubs will be as good all around the world.

And yeah Gogeta’s first appearance was against Janemba.