Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so


My theater was more oohs and ahhs than anything else during fights. Everyone was mostly in a daze at how the fights were going down. They cheered for vegeta but in general no one was really out bursting. We were just kinda amazed st the quality of movie we got in a db movie.

You expect a good fight and rarely get it, but this movie gave us just a 40 min fight orgy fest of wtf moments.


I literally saw it yesterday when I saw surprisingly they were still showing it in local theaters. The theater was small and nearly full. I wasn’t paying attention to crowd noise I think some laughter, especially Frieza 's reasoning for coming to Earth, and Vegeta’s reaction to the fusion dance option.


No it really did dip to levels like that. Particularly during the warp to Piccolo and them attempting to fuse.


I think it wasn’t a dip in quality, but different directors. Most times the people who are doing fights are different than the rest of the movie.



She’s a cutie.


Didn’t say she wasn’t. Zamasu just doesn’t like filthy ningen ogling his daughter.


I just wanted to see Gogeta. The movie is pretty trash. Base form Broly beasting against SSJ Gods huh? Yeah fuck you.


He is the LSS…

His hair didn’t even turn green…


Bit late in the game to worry about power scaling, bro


There is huge close up him going all out in the movie, how did you miss his hair being green? He even flies towards the screen.


While I agree, they shouldn’t have based the entire premise of Broly on his potentially unlimited “battle power”. Especially since they hadn’t acknowledged battle power or power levels since frieza saga. They kinda set themselves up for criticism in that regard. So I see where his complaint is coming from.


But it is not like they haven’t done similar stuff in the past. Spoiler warning depending on where you in DBS.

Future Trunks unlocking ‘SSJ Rage’ form that puts him on par if not better then Goku and Vegeta’s Blue forms.
Gohan’s potential form and the female Broly homage they created for universe 6. If they didn’t have him being able to grow to push the characters as they are now what would be the stakes forcing the fusion?



to be fair they never mentioned the LSSJ past the prelude part. Like on the original movie they instantly called it after Broly transformed. Now is very much left in the air and not mentioned at all.


Well my criticism stems from all of DBS as well. Super is just all over the place. My impression was that Broly was going to get owned, and Freeza was going to make a wish to make Broly stronger or some shit.

It’d be more believable if Broly was from another universe, but he was literally on another planet that for some reason went undetected all those years. Too bad kid buu didn’t run into this planet.


Yeah but at least they do give minor explanation to him being so strong early on. They allude to and out right state that he some how has gained control of the giant ape form’s strength while maintaining relatively normal size and speed but is uncontrollable. Which is how he able to survive and kill the giant bugs until his dad got there.

I mean it all BS just to make hype fights and explain why they kept swinging back and forth but it is there.


I only found it mildly annoying how basically over half of Broly’s dialogue was him screaming all the time. I mean I’m grateful that he’s not babbling KAKAROTOOOOOOO every 3 seconds and that yelling is basically a DBZ trope now, but geez…Broly’s VA must have been exhausted just going 5 minutes of pure shouting into the mic LOL.


Freeza wishing Broly stronger would be GT levels of awful. @Wellman hits the nail on the head. They did a lot hinting about Broly being special. When King Vegeta taps his birthpod Broly gets so agitated that his power level gets so high that it overloads the equipment. Conservatively, that’s at minimum a power level in the tens of thousands. DB is random but scouting equipment seems to read upto six digits without issue.

That said, once Dragonball got to the Z phase power increases became ludicrous. Goku went from less than 500 versus Raditz to 150 Million when he defeats Freeza. Thats in a little over a year. People give Z a pass for lot of things they wouldn’t let fly today. Fans try to make sense of the illogical. Toriyama writes his story without considering these things and creates a plot device to explain the power creep. I love the Cyborg/Amdroid saga but Gero, with no knowledge of Namek, creating two beings that make Freeza look like nothing isn’t plausible.


Yeah Goku trained his whole life up until the beginning of Z just to have a battle power of just over 300. Then just within one year boosted like crazy. Lol