Is there STILL not a Dragon Ball thread? If so


I fucking hate that, especially in a good movie.
Bad movies, the right comment is comedy gold.
Good movies, shut the fuck up and let me watch the film.

Normal audience cheers and gasps are not included in that statement.


So… basically Saiyans = Kryptonians (when exposed to Earth’s star)…


They’ve always been evil kryptonians.


Nah as I said it can be annoying but it’s Dragon Ball. I wanted to scream at everything too and it was my first DB movie in a theatre (and probably the first one in more than a decade in France).


mixed blood potential power is nothing to scoff at.
you get magic when you mix saiyan dick with earth pussy.
earth pussy makes saiyan males stronk af, but earth men weak.


earth pussy=yellow sun to saiyans.
earth pussy=red sun for the rest of us.


So Broly is Super’s version of SSJ4? Harnessing the great ape power.


Yes. Hes a retconned gt concept


Saw the Broly movie. Absolutely Loved it, made me love and appreciate Broly even more. He’s simply badass, pure and simple, and the new story arc really made his character significantly more likeable than that ridiculous story arc in the previous Z era.

His power is ridiculous and being able to tank attacks from a SSB Gogeta was absolutely impressive.

With the ending opening up so many possibilities, and with proper training, I honestly don’t see how Broly can’t possibly surpass individuals such as Goku (very unlikely since Goku is the hero) given the fact that he really never had a realistic training partner (only trained against his father whom if I remember correctly had a power potential of only around 4500 or so).

Yet Broly somehow was not just capable of going toe to toe with Vegeta and Goku but both whom used their Blue forms and showcased that they were struggling and even losing the fight.

It took the might of fused Gogeta in Blue in order to outclass Broly and even then, the guy was tanking the attacks, and this was realistically Day #1 training for Broly.

We know Goku as being a genius in fighting since he also can learn on the fly, however Brolys learning and adaptation capabilities along with his untapped power to progress on a whim only showcased more of how incredibly gifted he truly is.

My only gripe was that I wished we could’ve gotten to see Mastered Ultra Instinct against Broly (although the door to this is very possible in the future, since this would arguably be one of the most anticipated fights if it were to occur, and a possibility for Broly to ascend beyond where he’s currently at), outside of that, it was a very satisfying movie.

This movie was surprisingly fun to watch and my brothers and I left feeling completely satisfied with a greater appreciation now for the character of Broly.

I like this Broly so much more and with the door now open to obviously meet with the rest of the Z-Fighters in the future. Including in here would be real proper training, from obvious potentials like Goku, Vegeta, and possibly Whis (if the story allows it) the sky is the limit for this new Saiyan addition.

Welcome to the Family Broly. Fun and awesome movie.


Only thing I’m thinking about at the moment is how much Goku is out of his damn mind. He said he’s going to teach Broly some stuff. Can you even imagine him at SSJ2 or SSJ3 with his current level? Just about anything he could teach Broly could be dangerous righr now considering no one person at this moment aside from the gods can deal with him.



Earth Pussy is the universal Kryptonite?

Except Saiyans turn weakness into strength.

Sounds about par.


I just wanna see what kinda power that hybrid saiyan will have after Broly get in green chick’s guts. Kid gonna be broken af with half breeds being stupid strong


mutts always OP.
scientific fact. at least in canines.


Interestingly a lot of that (in the dog world) has to do with breeders completely fucking up breeds. They have ruined the blood lines of pure breed dogs to the point those dogs are actually genetic trash. Every dog you see in those high falootin dog shows is, genetically speaking, a fucking terrible dog. I wouldnt pay more then $25 bucks for any of them.


…i dont like where this is going


Goku never teaches shit. Would be cool to see Broly with Kaioken, IT or SSJ3 but you know it’s not happening


goku was teach ubuu but ya know…non canon


That’s not true. He definitely taught Gohan while they were in the chamber…think that might be the only time he’s actually done so though.


Goku will teach anybody if he thinks they can help fight villains or challenge him someday. The latter is probably the main reason he’d do, he selfish af after all


imagine Gohan with Kaioken… and yet Goku hasn’t taught him